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A solid fix to damages done to our hair and our planet. Plant-based shampoo bars that are non-toxic and non-polluting.

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we keep our products

wild tamed by science

to tame the damage done to our scalp, hair, skin and our planet

it was love at intricate research with each of our ingredients. our formulation team dives deep into what makes each ingredient part of our clean beauty regimen in the context of changing climate.


we’re grateful for the many different plant species our planet has to offer. we study the wild closely to understand what could benefit us.

science, bish

the wild is beautiful but so is the chemical composition of everything we see in the wild. we carefully and mindfully tame the wild to give you care that’s effective.


what has captured our hearts are the native ingredients grown locally and sustainably. from their carbon footprint to their water footprint, we only pick the ingredients that have a minimal impact on our planet.

raising the bar

we upgraded our formulation to fit better with your clean and conscious lifestyle

advance formulation

shields you from new-age stressors. also uses planet-friendly ways to reduce its impact.

works with hard water

we turned to science to give you the same creamy frothy wash in all water quality.

zero transition period

no more going through the patience-testing waiting period. works from the first application.

some frequently asked questions

a shampoo bar is a solid form of shampoo that’s water-free and effective in cleaning your scalp and hair. we go a step further and formulate our shampoo bars to be plant-based and free from toxins so they are easy on us and our planet. also, unlike liquid shampoos, our shampoo bars are not packaged in any plastic.

Different shampoo bars are made using different methods. One of the most common methods used is  cold process where lye (sodium hydroxide) is used to saponify all the oils and butters. Good thing is that there is no lye left after the saponification process as it turns into glycerin. However, for many the high pH value of these bars (usually around 7/8) remains a concern. In the long run, it is not healthy for our hair. Also, they dont work with hard water.

Another method is by simply mixing all the ingredients together and compressing them in a bar form. These are called syndet bars. These are highly effective, pH balanced bars (pH value 5.5 – 6) and it can work well with hard water. At The Switch Fix, we use this method.

Shampoo bars are in fact very simple to use. Wet your hair and glide the bar on your scalp from top to bottom in one direction. Use your fingers to massage your scalp and create lather. Rinse off with water. Make sure to rinse the lather off completely.

Pro Tip: For dry/frizzy hair, apply the bar on just the scalp and not on the length of your hair.  The length will anyway get cleaned with the lather when you’re rinsing it off.

liquid shampoos, are 80-90% water. in a water-stressed country like ours, shampoo bars make for a more conscious choice that’s much richer and effective. additionally, our bars are packaged plastic-free and plant-based to automatically reduce your carbon and water footprint. Also, shampoo bars easily last for 2 months; this means with every bar you stop 3 plastic bottles from reaching the landfills.

not ours, we have kept all the harsh checmicals away that end up irritating and drying our scalp and hair. our shampoo bar range is plant-based and consists only of mild ingredients that nourishes one’s hair. just pick the one that suits your scalp and hair type.

our shampoo bars are mild enough to be used daily but on average, we’ve seen 2-3 times a week work well for our customers.

we’ve formulated our bars to start showing results from day 1. but when switching from harsh chemicals to plant-based, your scalp may take time to heal and adjust to a milder formulation.

in a country where we have hard water all around us, we had to ensure our shampoo bars work well with it. so, yes, they work just fine with hard water.

Omg, you’re gonna love the bar experience. It’s more psychological than anything. The bar is way better. It’s safe and effective, easy to use and carry and above all, it doesn’t leave an empty plastic bottle behind. We have formulated ours using all plant-based ingredients to effectively tackle damages done by rising pollution, heat & humidity and other  new-age stressors.

One shampoo bar lasts 30/40 washes depending on the length of your hair.

our shampoo bars have mild fragrances, but none of them are artificial fragrances. we use essential oils in safe quantities to ensure that our scalp does not get agitated.

our shampoo bar works well with all other hair oil but for best results we’ill recommend using our oil as they have specially been formulated to be used with our Shampoo bars. Also our oils are a blend of different plant-based oils which improves their efficacy.

gurl, you’ve got curls? we know how annoying it is to have after-wash frizziness. we realised that a major contributor to it are sulfates. our shampoo bars are free of sulfates and made with mild, plant-based ingredients. so, yes. we’re curly hair friendly. but one product that is widely loved by our curly haired tribe members is the viva la sativa range.

make use of the filters available on this page to select based on your scalp/hair type or as per your scalp/hair concerns. if you need more help, use the chat button in the menu to speak to us. 

Shampoo bars should be kept dry after use to save them from becoming mushy. Pat dry the bar and store it on a soap tray that has holes for passing water.

made with truth, packed with care

India generates nearly 26,000 tonnes of plastic waste every day, making it the 15th biggest plastic polluter globally.

which is why we take the responsibility to be completely plastic-free in our packaging.

naturally, we worry about the level of deforestation the dairy, meat and energy industry have caused.

which is why we take the responsibility of creating our packaging using FSC approved paper that ensures responsibly managed forests that provide environmental, social and economic benefits.

New Eco-friendly Shipping Boxes

every switch you make,

removes 100% of fossil fuel based ingredients from your care

removes 100% of animal derived ingredients from your care

removes 98% of plastic packaging from your routine

removes 95% of water used to create your care

making us blush

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