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How Shampoo Bars Create Positive Impact: Plastic-Free July

Switching to sustainable personal care is the simplest way for you to create immense positive impact this Plastic-Free July.
Plastic-Free July

First, what is the Plastic-Free July movement?

It’s a global movement that encourages millions to ditch plastic. What drives millions of people to go plastic-free every year is the desire to have cleaner streets, oceans, and thriving communities.

Plastic-Free July

Why is the Plastic-Free July movement vital?

Plastic is made up of petrochemicals that are known to be detrimental to our well-being. And yet, it comes in contact with personal ‘care’ we use, the food we eat. While most plastic wrapped products that we consume last only a couple of moments to a couple of months, the plastic packaging sticks around for over 500 years.
Our environment is so abundant in microplastics that it’s become nearly impossible to filter it out of our food, water, or air. Our blood, breast milk, and even poo has microplastics in it.
Our exposure to these chemicals is dangerously high and can be easily correlated to the rise in lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, obesity, skin and scalp diseases, and antibiotic resistance. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Why are liquid shampoos silly?

Liquid shampoos, one of the most common products found across households, is also one of the products most commonly trashed and found in our landfills and oceans. On average, a person uses one shampoo bottle a month. We go through roughly over a 1000 bottles in our lifespan. This number is problematic because there are over 7 billion of us doing this every year.
It’s not just about the 7000 billion potential plastic bottles being trashed. It’s also about the petroleum-based chemicals used to make common shampoos that keep accumulating in our environment and turn it toxic for us and our fellow species.

How do shampoo bars help?

Shampoo bars come in plastic-free packaging and last longer. What’s special about The Switch Fix shampoo bars is that they’re also free of petroleum-based chemicals. It’s truly plastic-free and biodegradable. It’s the simplest way to reduce exposure to toxic chemicals while also reducing accumulation of toxic waste in our environment.

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