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shampoo bars and more, for a rad hair day, every day.

don’t you just love running your fingers through your flawless hair while fiercely debating climate solutions?

acai of

hair strengthening shampoo bar

acai berry and onion extract

INR 459 / 85g

viva la

damage repairing shampoo bar

Hemp Seed Oil and Kokum Butter

INR 479 / 85g


anti dandruff shampoo bar

blue-tea extract and grapeseed oil 

INR 429 / 85g

play it

detoxifying shampoo bar

activated charcoal and camellia seed oil

INR 429 / 85g


calming deep conditioner

blue tea flower extract and grapeseed oil

INR 559 / 100g

viva la

nourishing deep conditioner

hemp seed oil and kokum butter

INR 569 / 100g

hair oil
before bath

deep conditioning hair oil

olive oil and ylang ylang EO

INR 650 / 100g

hair oil
after bath

detangling hair oil

sweet almond oil and vanilla extract

INR 650 / 100g


ACV hair rinse concentrate

apple cider vinegar and lemon extract

INR 450 / 100g

good ol'

exfoliating body bar

acai berry and onion extract

INR 475 / PACK OF 2 115g BARS


ultra clean and green bamboo toothbrushes

INR 345 / Pack of 2

the sauce?


we source our ingredients from farmers and suppliers to ensure we’re strengthening local communities.

box in a
box in a box

nope, doesn’t make sense

to make our packaging sustainable, we ensure we use minimal resources; from using FSC approved 100% recycled paper, we’re constantly thinking of new ways to make our packaging even more sustainable.

wild tamed by science

we’re picky about picking ingredients

we spent countless days and endless nights researching, not just the effectiveness and safety of our personal care but defining what we mean by “clean and conscious” much more deeply. And our philosophy for choosing ingredients really boils down to this:

Clean Icon

we ensure that our ingredients are well-researched and are tested rigorously for safety

Conscious Icon

we define conscious as being safe for you and for our planet

Science Icon

Living sustainably shouldn’t mean you have to compromise on the effectiveness of the care you receive

high quality, small batches

we’ve always prioritised health but even more so now. We make our products in small batches at our partly solar-powered lab (wuhoo!) to ensure you receive something remarkable.