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Great stuff, easy to use, a quick bath

Viva La Sativa Deep Conditioner

Aishwarya Agarwal


Works extremely well

i was a bit skeptical at first because of the colour and texture but i applied it overnight every day for a week and the results have been amazing. A lot of my acne scars are disappearing and the overall skin texture is improving too.

blue-tea-ful hand cream

Favourite shampoo bar!

I hesitated to switch to a shampoo bar as I had been using curly hair products to help with frizz and definition. However, a friend gifted me the acai of relief shampoo bar and it worked perfectly for me! It lathers far more than I would have expected, doesn't dry out my hair, and lasted for about 5 months.
Moving abroad, I ordered another one to take with me because of how well it's worked. Completely recommend!

Clean Bean Body Scrub

Acai of Relief Shampoo Bar
Geetha Jegadheesan
best shampoo

i had lot of hairfall thanks to acai shampoo bar my hairfall had reduced significantly really good packaging and so good for my hair thanks a lot switch!!!really loved it and will buy again

It's Amazing

I love the packaging and the fragrance is and colour of the product is so refreshing. It's better than any other regular conditioner that you would find in the market. I would personally recommend this to everyone. My hair feels really soft and smells good too 😀

Blue-Tea-Ful Shampoo Bar

Perfect for curly hair

it goes on really smooth and you only need a little bit to feel the difference, i leave it on for about 10 minutes and my hair feels a lot softer and shinier.

Innovation with all the little specifications wins the play.

The shampoo bar is amazing and feels really good and the conditioner is also a gem, and the way to use it so easy and every info very specific.

Makes hair super soft!

Absolutely love it!

But I wish you’d also maie a paediatric size brush too!

Nourishing with amazing fragrance !

In love with how the body butter feels - absolutely nourishing and healthy !

Smells good, gentle shampoo.

Cleaned scalp really well. Made my hair tad shinier.

Love is Love Shampoo Bar
Aakanksha Baijal
Absolute Love <3

It's a great shampoo bar to use, and leaves my hair super soft after washing. I love the experience and it cleanses pretty well. Definitely a great product and if you haven't tried a shampoo bar yet, this is the perfect one to start from!

Blue-Tea-Ful Shampoo Bar
Aakash Deva T.P
Loved the product and packages

This is my second time that im trying a bar based shampoo and I really love this flavour.
However- the compliment that I received the lip scrub- I really didn’t enjoy it much.
Lip scrub isn't something I have never used earlier - thought let me give a try- but really didn't like it.

Viva La Sativa Deep Conditioner

Good product

Helps with dandruff a lot. Makes hair soft.

Its Great!!

Like everyone i was a little sceptical whether or not it would lather down on my *very oily hair but it works wonders! It did removed oil from my hair but didn’t made it rough and dry like other oil removing shampoo i have tried. (p.s. its sustainable so thats a double check!!)

Amazing texture, beautiful smell

Hands down the best coffee scrub I have ever used. Gives a very clean, nourished feeling. Must-buy!

Amazingly Good

The Blue Tea Ful Shampoo bar is absolutely amazing. I have been using it on my oily scalp and it sure soothes it.
There is no residue of oil or gunk remaining after the wash. Hair feels clean.
Best part is that its not heavily and unnecessarily scented .
Thank you Team Switch for the product.

Play It Coal Shampoo Bar

Love it so much! 😍

I wish i had bought this earlier, it's that good. I have short n curly hair. The shampoo bar n conditioner are so moisturizing. It does not dry my hair out. It makes my hair soft. I did not use any other serum, gel, oil or anything else after shampoo n conditioner, had my hair air dry n still my curls were soft! 🤗🤯 Thank you so much for making this product n making it vegan, cruelty free n plastic free! Thank you for saving animals, humans n the environment!
I bought the combo of blue-tea-ful shampoo n conditioner. These both came in a cardboard cylinder. The tape on it was also made from paper. The shampoo bar was wrapped in a paper. Its 85gm. Conditioner came in a glass jar of 100gm. It's a little bit expensive but its worth it, imo.

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