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Viva La Sativa Deep Conditioner

Great products!

It has been over a month now since I have been using the Blue-Tea-Ful shampoo bar and conditioner. The bar foams up nicely and keeps well if you pat it dry after using (which I highly recommend as that is the best way to ensure that your shampoo bars are well preserved). The shampoo bar does not really impart much of a scent to my hair after washing, might be because my hair is pretty unruly and thick. But it does ensure that your hair smells “clean” (if that makes any sense?). The conditioner has a much more noticeable smell. It has an earthy smell, which I don’t mind and find to be nice and subtle when I wash it out. It is quite hydrating and a little goes a long way (my hair is pretty long, frizzy and colour treated). It tames most of the frizz and my hair is much more manageable than it was before.

Overall, my very temperamental and easily agitated scalp and hair quite enjoy these products. Even with the onset of winter and the excessive dryness that ensues, these two products have helped keep my scalp itch-free for the most part. I would highly recommend these products if you plan on switching to shampoo bars out of convenience (because big chunky shampoo bottles belong in the past and are a nuisance). Or if you simply are looking for straightforward products with excellent ingredients that do what they are meant to.


Really nice oil to use before bath, makes hair very smooth

Good conditioner

Such an amazing product

Works like a charm

Satisfied with the Acai Deep Conditioner as it suits my hair type (extremely dry after washing). It makes my hair soft without making it look oily. And quantity is also sufficient.

Acai of Relief Deep Conditioner

Can't stop DIFYing

Absolutely loveeeeee it. From the products to the packaging, it's wholesome 😀
The blue-tea-ful shampoo bar and deep conditioner are doing wonders for my hair. and so are the hair oils. Winter hair-care is sorted!

As for loco cocoa lip balm and scrub, I can safely and happily say goodbye to petroleum jelly after seeing how happy my lips are with this.

Did not expect it to be this great!

Good conditioner for my hair, very little required to cover entire length. Leaves it shiny and less frizzy. Love the colour, not so much the smell..but love the product!

Viva La Sativa Haircare Bundle

DIFY bundle is Love.

If you love your hair, go for it. They give and do what they claim. Its totally amazing. Please don't think and go for it.

Love it❤️

The bar smells so good and the lather is rich in texture. It cleanses my skin without leaving it super dry. Iam a fan of the product

Best shampoo and conditioner

Loving it


A nice calming hair oil. Puts me at ease whenever I champi. A little heavy to wash off in 1wash but nevertheless a good one, nourishing to the core

Loco Cocoa: Lip Balm and Lip Scrub

Love it !

Loved the effect the product had.

Absolutely love it!

Great stuff

Definitely buying more of this and recommending further. Super happy with the product.

Love the fragrance and the way my hair feels

It’s the best lip balm I’ve ever used... I absolutely love it! I’m a permanent customer

Loco Cocoa: Lip Balm and Lip Scrub

Hair Oil Before Bath

Simply amazing

The mad fizzy hair definitely needed the deep conditioner.

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