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Love the products. Love the mission. Love the (eco friendly) packaging. Love the fact that I can help myself and help the planet.

My money is my vote. I'm voting for this brand.

Also, the names are brilliant.

Acai of Relief Shampoo Bar

My first time using a shampoo bar and I am a believer. Love the way how it cleans my curly hair without it being to stripping. The only negative is that you need to wash at least twice or thrice to get overnight oil treatment out of your hair. But for me this is not a huge negative considering the change I can see on my hair after using this. Absolutely love it! Can't wait to try other variants as well!

Great product

Saw difference right after first wash! Definitely buying this aga5

Love the way it lathers and amazing smell!

Love the smell and the way it lathers so nicely. I deep condition with oils before bath and removing that is a breeze with this shampoo bar. I would love to see you come up with a innovative soap dish to hold it when it's dry. Because it sticks to the bottom the regular ones I have. I will definitely try the other bars and products from you guys! Thanks 🙂

Smells like frosting 😍

DIFY Bundle

DIFY Bundle

Blue-Tea-Ful Shampoo Bar

Totally satisfied with the product

Best shampoo bar

The shampoo bar is just amazing. Really loving the product.

Glad to buy this

Works amazingly for extremely dry hair post shower. Even otherwise too, this oil works great giving your hair that shine and eliminate dryness

Acai Shampoo Bar + Conditioner Review

I wanted to use both the products for a while before reviewing them because your hair needs a little time to adapt to a new product.
Firstly, congratulations on making an effective, zero waste shampoo and conditioning alternative. I'm happy to have the option to eliminate plastic in an essential product. I also noticed a clearer scalp since i started using this combination. However, the shampoo and conditioner leave my hair very very dry and dull (in spite of oiling it before). that is my main issue with the product. If you could work around that or recommend an alternative that would be quite helpful. thank you.

Nice combo

While this shampoo bar & conditioner combo is lovely, it didnt suit my oily scalp. It aggravated my dandruff die to being more rich & better suited for dry hair. I'm not a fan of the smell, but it's still a far better choice than chemical laden hair care products. I love the colours & packaging.

The best switch ever!!

I love this shampoo bar. It cleans really without drying out your hair even if you have colored them. It works well if you have oiled hair also. This bar easily last up to 2 months but that depends on your frequency and I oil and wash my hair twice a week. The packaging is plastic free. If you like the acai relief, I would suggest you to go for a subscription. Doesn't have any strong fragrance.

lathers well

The shampoobar is nice doesn't have a strong fragrance. I have itchy scalp it didn't do much for that but it cleans my hair throughly. The only scary bit is when i am applying the shampoo on my hair and if by chance i press my fingers hard on the bar it gives a dent which ends up in wastage of the shampoo. but otherwise cleans my hair nicely and throughly doesn't require more then one wash even if the hair was oiled before.

Expected more

I have used it twice, and I'm not sure if it has many any difference to my hair at all. The shampoo bar does lather easily, and my hair feel clean. But other than that, the combo hasn't done anything noticeable. Will give it some more time and revert back.

Rose hip butter

It's feels great on my skin ! - my skin feels clearer and softer. With rose hip in it ..rose hip is a great natural substitute for chemical retinols to clear the skin which is another reason why I bought it. And lastly and most importanty it's in a completely sustainable packaging which was very important to me (glass container with metal top). Such a win win in all respects ! Totally worth it 🙂

Loving it

Waking up a bright and shiny face every morning, loving it! Also, the color is so pretty!!


The bar has been really at it's work on cleaning the scalp.. scalp immunity. I used it with a shampoo brush and I observed my dandruff reduced significantly with the first wash.
However, it leaves my hair dry but I try to manage it with conditioner and serums.

Blue-tea-ful shampoo bar review

Nice shampoo bar. My hair feels good. It's kinda become soft and voluminous. Gets oily pretty quick (like 3 or 4 days) but I'm not sure if it's this or my serum (which is a different brand) that's causing it. Oh and also - the shampoo bars are soo easy to use and lather so well, it's a delight to use!

It’s a miraculous face cream. It moisturises my face and makes it damn soft.

Great shampoo bar!

Mild and gentle shampoo bar, removes excess oil but doesn’t make the scalp feel dry. Smells nice too

Viva La Sativa Shampoo Bar

Cute yet effective.

I love this shampoo! Looks so cute but works! It lathers better than all the other shampoo bases I have used

Helps moisturise dry and bruising skin

Best cracking skin in dry winters. Works well when applied on moist skin (right after a shower).


It works great !!

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