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spilling mylk into your care

for our planet that’s lactose intolerant

creamy, velvety, mylky – all without the cruelty. that’s the way. scratch that, that’s the mylky way. GoodMylk and we’ve come together to create care that’s kind to us, our moo-ing friends and our planet.

Mylky Way Range - Goodmylk x The Switch Fix

churning out conscious care

with GoodMylk's protein-rich oat and cashew milk

we don’t like the way the dairy industry hurts our forests, our water and our furry little moo-ing friends. for us, the way to create new-age care is to make is plant-based, water-saving and cruelty-free. that’s the mylky way. and that’s the way we like it.

dear dairy, we dont need you

the damage you cause makes us go “holy cow!”

seeking nutrition in a way that causes damage to our planet seems counterintuitive. here’s how the dairy industry affects our planet’s health and thus, our health:


about ⅓ of our world’s land suffers desertification due to deforestation required for feed and pasture lands. the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) estimates rearing animals for food produces 14.6% -18% of all human-caused emissions.


about 1000 litres of water is required to produce just 1 litre of milk. further, for every litre of milk produced, 2-3 litres of wastewater is released into our waterways. in a country of 1.3 billion, raising 556 million livestock costs 700 million people access to clean water and sanitation.


in rural areas, cold storage facilities are about 3-4 hours away causing most of the milk to either go bad or go to waste. beyond this waste, the dairy industry uses approximately 2 billion kilowatts of electricity per hour to keep the dairy chilled resulting in significant emissions.

message from the founders
“We are excited to work with The Switch Fix to make exciting plant-based products for all, and particularly take delight in the new benchmarks in sustainability and personal care that this collaboration will manifest.”
Abhay Rangan
Co-founder, GoodMylk
“As our country faces soaring heat and rising pollution, we need more effective as well as sustainable ways to cope. We love how Goodmylk is making plant mylk more accessible and easy to adopt in a dairy loving country. We couldn’t help but incorporate it, with all its protein-richness to help our collective tribe ace that plant-based lifestyle.”
Rhea Shukla
Co-founder, The Switch Fix
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