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5 reasons why you may have a dry scalp and how to fix it

Did you know that dry scalp could be caused by a number of different factors? Don't worry, we will take you through the five most common causes, so you can get to addressing your dry scalp right away.
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What does a dry scalp feel/ look like?

A dry scalp is usually caused by a lack of sebum production. It is usually accompanied by itching, flaking and irritation. Your hair may also seem dry as the scalp is not producing any oil to condition it.

Reasons for a stubbornly dry scalp

1. Frequent Shampooing

when your scalp isn’t producing enough sebum, washing it too frequently strips it completely. To add to that, using hot water can agitate the scalp further. Add harsh shampoos (with SLS or SLES) and we have a recipe for disaster.

2. Nutritional Deficiencies

Lack of essential vitamins and nutrients in your diet, more commonly, vitamin B6 and B12, can cause the scalp to become dry. This is because a nutrient-deficient scalp isn’t able to produce enough sebum.

3. Premature ageing

Extreme weather conditions caused by climate change and other environmental stressors lead to the weakening of the scalp barrier. Our scalp’s ability to hold in moisture and keep it lubricated reduces drastically with the weakening of the scalp barrier.

4. Seasonal Dryness

Sometimes, we experience dryness as we enter winters. This is because the humidity in the air falls and cold, dry air doesn’t contain enough moisture for our scalp to stay hydrated.

5. Genes

You got it from your momma? Maybe. Your parents’ genes play a role in what kind of skin you may have. Mutations in genes that control the production of the protein filaggrin, which plays a role in firming and hydrating the skin and scalp barrier, can cause several skin conditions that include a dry scalp.

Easy to adopt solutions

1. Shampoo Right and Less

It’s important to shampoo as we come in contact with pollutants, dirt and grime but it’s important to also give your scalp time between washes to produce necessary sebum. Make sure the shampoo you’re using is free of SLS and SLES. You can check out our range of plant-based and gentle shampoo bars.

2. Increase your essential nutrient intake

It’s time that we finally do something about Vitamin B12 deficiency. Get your vitamins in check, gurl. We suggest Power Gummies. You can also introduce nutrients topically by picking omega-3 and 6 rich hair care.

3. Slow down ageing

No, we can’t reverse ageing but we can slow it down. Mushrooms, is one such ingredient, as it slows down the attack of hyaluronidase (a chemical compound) on vitality-boosting collagen and hyaluronic acid that’s naturally present on our scalp. But is there hair care with mushrooms in it? Yes, there is. Check out our Magic Shrooms Range, it’s simply magical.

4. Seasonal Changes

If your scalp is prone to dryness, it’s time to start massaging your scalp with deeply nourishing hair oils more frequently to keep your scalp well lubricated during the cold, dry winters.

Well, you can’t do much about genes at this point but what you can do is control your intake of sugar and fatty foods (there’s the good fat that you can consume instead like avocados) as they wreak havoc on your body and can further exacerbate a dry scalp.

Fix Dry Scalp with simple switches

In the face of climate change, and other humanitarian crises, a dry scalp may seem like a minor issue but we understand that it becomes difficult to carry on with your day when you’re constantly scratching your head due to sensitivity and irritation. This is why we come to you with the fix that is as simple as a switch, for you and our planet. Go on, run your fingers through amazing hair while you fiercely debate climate change.

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