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Viva La Sativa Body Butter

deeply nourishing body butter for dry skin

skin exposed to high levels of pollution demands high nourishment. a blend of hemp seed oil, sal butter and mango butter provides long-lasting nourishment while creating a skin barrier to stop further damage.

Viva La Sativa Body Butter
Weight100 g
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Environmental Stressors

Viva La Sativa Body Butter

fight in nourishing armour

against dullness and fossil-fuel mess

hemp seed oil, mango butter and sal butter come together in this deeply nourishing body butter to penetrate the skin and start healing it. hemp is known to be carbon negative and is a potent way to reduce carbon emissions.

rich plant-based oils and butters go on to create a protective barrier on your skin.

wild tamed by science

for a safe and effective plant-based formulation

Hemp Seeds

Hemp seed oil

Get high on surface moisture. The presence of omega fatty acids along with antioxidant-rich vitamin e makes it deeply nourishing and restorative especially to damage caused by pollution.

Sal Butter

Sal Butter

extracted from the fruit of our native tree, Shorea Robusta, sal butter is incredibly healing. It’s only harvested wildly by local communities.

Mango Butter

Mango Butter

the fruit might be a king but the seed is an absolute queeeen. butter from this native seed is deeply nourishing without imparting a greasy feeling.

all ingredients*

neroli hydrosol, caprylic capric triglyceride, shorea (sal) butter, mango butter, stearic acid, hemp seed oil, cetyl alcohol, sodium lactate, glycerol monostearate, vegetable glycerine, tocopherol (vitamin E), citrus aurantium (neroli) essential oil, manuka essential oil, xanthan gum, benzyl alcohol, sorbic acid, glycerin, salicylic acid, sodium gluconate

*We follow a full disclosure policy for ingredients. Nothing that’s not listed here will ever be found in this body butter. Our formulations are updated from time to time as part of our commitment to innovation. The ingredient list shown here may vary from the box of the product depending on the time of purchase.

a little goes a long way

small quantity, big impact

STEP 1: take a small quantity

step 2: Massage away, all over your body

step 3: let that nourishment run deep, bruh

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Aakaanksh (Euskirchen, NW)
Get your skin high with self care

Love it. Refuse to buy anything else.

Malavika (Chennai, TN)
Such A Blessing In My Life!

So I ordered the body butter with absolutely zero hope because I have used 100s of brands over the years of my existence to fix my DRY DRY DRY skin. Believe me when I say soooper dry.

I used this product along with my shroomery range set on the same day and woke up the next day so hydrated and fresh. I applied a tad bit on my slightly wet skin and woke up again with zero expectation. It's not oily or greasy. Skin absorbs it perfectly. First time in my life a moisturiser/lotion/cream/body butter stayed this long.

Thanks for this product. I am finishing my first bottle and planning to get stocked up.

Oh did I mention how heavenly this smells?

Shekar Thakur / Gourachandra Dasa (Hyderabad, TG)

Super soft skin with heavenly smell

Rachael (Mangalore, KA)
Nourishing with amazing fragrance !

In love with how the body butter feels - absolutely nourishing and healthy !

Lakshmi (Shimla, HP)

I loved everything I purchased - the acai shampoo bar and conditioner ,the mango butter, as well as the viva la Sativa body butter. I’m so impressed with the quality of the products as well as the great smells, colour and consistency which are so unique ; as well as the packaging. It’s also the first time I’m using a shampoo bar made in India that has cleaned my hair so well without any waxy residues :)

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made in india
conceptualised and manufactured by

meliorism switchism private limited, B 123, sector 88, noida 201305. customer care:, 886 000 9410.

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Viva La Sativa Body Butter

deeply nourishing body butter for dry skin


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