Natural Hair Oil Before Bath

Deep Conditioning Natural Hair Oil

Hydrate your thirsty hair with deep conditioning of Coconut, Sweet Almond and Olive oil along with the soothing aroma of Ylang Ylang in this natural hair oil.

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for softness
that's sublime.

hydrate and deeply condition your hair with the vitamins and micronutrients found in coconut oil, sweet almond oil and olive oil. the aromatic goodness of ylang ylang engages your senses to give you the deep soothing experience. for softer, healthier hair.

have a rad hair day, every day!

Bottle with Packaging- Before Bath- Hair OIl Blend by The Switch Fix

the goods
that make it great

Olive Oil- Hair Oil Blend by The Switch Fix

Olive Oil

we call it ‘liquid gold’. it softens your hair and reduces the frizz by a huge margin. It also kicks dandruff out the window.

Sweet Almond Oil

it’s soothing effect leaves your scalp feeling calm. it helps with dandruff too.

Ylang Ylang
Essential Oil

the soothing aroma lifts your mood, restoring harmony and balance. It also stimulates the scalp to promote hair growth.

other ingredients:

coconut oil and castor oil.

Healthier Hair- Shampoo Bars and Hair Oil Blend by The Switch Fix

how to get the most out of your natural hair oil?

start with massaging your scalp:

pour the oil on the crown of your head. move from front to back and massage through your hair in straight motions. go on to massage your scalp in circular motion. pay special attention to spots that feel tense or tight.

Move on to your hair:

Gently rub the oil into your hair. Move from the root all the way out to the tips of each strand. To get the full benefits of the oil, leave it in for at least 20 minutes and up to overnight. use a natural shampoo bar to wash it off.

* for best results, warm the natural hair oil a bit and use it at least twice a week.

what's in it for you

a borderline obsession with your hair.

Natural Hair Care: Shampoo Bars by The Switch Fix


forget about those pending bills and that annoying boss of yours.

Natural Haircare- Shampoo Bars by The Switch Fix

softer hair

know that feeling of someone running their fingers through your hair and not getting tangled? that.

Natural haircare: Shampoo Bars by The Switch Fix

vitalised hair

the kind that bounces with every step you take.

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Bottle with Packaging- Before Bath- Hair OIl Blend by The Switch Fix
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