Category: Natural Hair Care

Have a rad hair day, every day. Switch to premium natural hair care products. Handmade with love for hair that bounces with every step.

  • Natural Shampoo Bars

    Natural Shampoo Bars (2)

    Ditch toxic chemicals and make the switch to natural shampoo bars. Handmade with love and responsibly sourced ingredients, they are toxin-free, cruelty-free, sulfate-free and plastic-free.
  • Natural Hair Oil Blends

    Natural Hair Oil Blends (2)

    Revitalise your hair with deep conditioning of the vitamins and micro-nutrients in our natural hair oil blends. For healthier, stronger hair & scalp. Have a rad hair day, every day.
  • Natural Hair Rinse Concentrate

    Natural Hair Rinse Concentrate (1)

    Cleanse and condition your hair with Natural ACV Hair Rinse Concentrate. A natural companion to natural shampoo bars, they're perfect for shiny & bouncy hair.

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for a rad hair day, every day.

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