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plastic is bad.

Plastic is a disease.

let’s get to the point – plastic is not good for our health. our blood and tissues are already replete with the toxic chemicals born out of plastic. chemicals like BPA, DEHP and PVC that are present in all plastic items cause an increased risk of birth defects, obesity, cancer, suppressed immune system and other long-term chronic diseases.

a Bad bad disease.

Plastic manipulates the endocrine system. If you have serious mood problems, body temperature issues, heart rate fluctuations, erratic sleep patterns, oscillating blood pressure and testosterone levels, then we would like to congratulate you. Why? Because the flight of your life has been hijacked by plastic.

And the problem’s really big.

how big? the problem is “mr. stark, i don’t feel so good” big. yes, that big. because plastic is everywhere. even the keyboard we used to write this rant is made of plastic. and every piece of plastic item you use has those toxic chemicals. yes, even the red, blue, green containers of your mom’s dreams are toxic.

It’s also creepy, It never leaves.

just in India, we dump 6 million tonnes of plastic every year.

that’s almost equal to 116 titanics – the boat that sank. plastic takes gazillion years to decompose, and throughout that time it keeps on contaminating natural resources. and then they come back. but not as gandalf the white, they come back to us through our food and water.

plastic affects the fenceline communities 4 times more

we needed to go beyond and look at the problem from the disposal end. through ‘project switch foundation’ we provide healthier opportunities for those who are affected the most.

so when you buy a product from switch, you contribute to a healthier and sustainable society.

a switch for you and me.

its fun when we switch together. with Project Switch Foundation, our plastic-free products are not only healthy for you but also for people living near landfills.

25% of our profits go to creating healthier opportunities for the urban fenceline communities.

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