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Remedy and Control hair fall

with effective plant-based solutions for hair fall

We create antioxidant-rich hair strengthening remedies that control hair fall caused by new-age stressors

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taming wild to treat hair fall

harnessing the power of plant-based ingredients to formulate remedies for hair growth

Strengthen, stimulate, and nourish

a fix as simple as a switch

We understand how to control hair fall with plant-based treatments that promise you:

New age stressors such as pollution cause damage to our scalp barrier. To cope with the oxidative stress, we introduce antioxidant-rich açaì berries abundantly in our formulations.

We revive hair follicles by first improving the scalp barrier and then using nutrient-rich ingredients such as sulfur-rich onion to stimulate hair growth.

The damage caused by new-age stressors can breakdown keratin cells making the scalp and hair seem dry and without elasticity. To ensure the hair growing from a stronger scalp barrier is able to withstand the new-age stressors, we abundantly add plant keratin to reduce hair breakage.

now everyone knows plants can be powerful

we created effective fixes and our tribe loved it

Frequently Asked Questions

Unstable atoms in the air called free radicals can react with other atoms to steal their electrons and cause them to also become unstable. When observed over time, it’s called oxidative stress. This stress damages body cells leads to diseases and causes premature aging. Antioxidants put up a good fight against oxidative stress.

Keratin is an internal structural protein that makes up your hair, skin, and nails from within and an external protective protein that protects and keeps your skin healthy and protected from the environment. It contains a mixture of keratins, keratin filament-associated proteins, and other proteins, such as enzymes that keep the cells hydrated and together. It also makes overall skin less prone to scratching or tearing. Applying plant keratin topically replenishes lost keratin in your scalp, repairs its natural structure and strengthens hair to make it less prone to breakage.

To prevent hair fall first, focus on scalp health. An unhealthy scalp can cause a myriad of problems, including excess hair loss. Introduce antioxidants in your diet and products. For example, acai berry is rich in antioxidants, and what makes this berry special is that it also helps repair damage caused by exposure to pollution. Second, pay attention to hair breakage that occurs due to damage to the keratin cells within our hair. Plant keratin is generously featured in our treatments, especially hair fall and hair breakage treatments, to strengthen our hair and revive its elasticity to reduce hair breakage.

Acai berries come from the acai palm tree and are highly rich in fiber, heart-healthy fats, and antioxidants, especially anthocyanin which lowers oxidative stress and inflammation. Acai berries act as a great protector against hair breakage by neutralizing oxidative damage with its antioxidant-enriched properties caused by prolonged exposure to heat, cold, stress, and pollution.

Our plant-based shampoo bars are created to remedy specialised problems such as dandruff, hair fall etc. Using shampoo bars is easy, peasy, no squeezy. Solid in form, they are easy and gentle to glide over your scalp. Once you’ve applied the bar over your scalp, you can keep it aside in well-drained dish and start massaging your scalp. As you continue to massage your scalp, creamy, bubbly lather will form and cleanse the dirt, grime and problematic bacteria. And then you can easily rinse with water.

Shampoo bars are formulated to cleanse the scalp while conditioner bars are meant for moisturising hair ends. Our shampoo bars and conditioner bars contain plant-based ingredients that fortify the scalp barrier and prevent damage caused by environmental stressors. What’s more? They’re vegan, zero waste, plastic-free, water-saving, and cute. It’s where self-care meets planet care.

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we create self-care that meets planet-care. we offer the care that makes you want to run your fingers through gorgeous hair while fiercely debating climate change. we know it, our tribe knows it and so does Vogue. we are the ‘Sustainability Icon’ for Vogue Beauty Awards 2021.

Our Iconic Moment in Vogue - Award Winning Sustainable Personal Care
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