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Does Dandruff Cause Hair Fall?

When it gets out of control, yes.

If cancel culture is universally accepted anywhere, it’s on your scalp where stubborn dandruff resides. To prevent dandruff from becoming worse and causing hairfall and hair loss, rely on advanced plant-based formulations.

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taming wild to prevent dandruff and hair fall

Harnessing the power of plant-based ingredients to formulate remedies that are effective in controlling excessive hair fall

Soothe, Clarify and Strengthen

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We understand dandruff and how it can lead to hair fall and hair loss. We create effective plant-based treatments to remedy dandruff and prevent hair fall caused by dandruff in severe cases:

Dandruff can lead to scalp inflammation which can give rise to hair fall and hair loss. Soothing ingredients like antioxidant-rich blue pea, nourishing camellia oil, calming calendula, feature generously in our plant-based haircare to soothe the inflammation and give you relief.

Excess sebum production can give rise to dandruff. Carefully chosen variety of clays work together to clarify the scalp. Camellia oil is known to balance sebum production and can be found abundantly in our formulations.

Fungal infections are the root cause for dandruff and can compromise scalp health. An unhealthy scalp is prone to hairfall and hair loss. Zinc pyrithione, an effective antifungal agent, controls dandruff. We combine it with antioxidant-rich blue pea to boost overall scalp health.

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Here are some reviews, testimonials and love we’ve received for creating plant-based products that are effective in treating Hair Fall And Promoting Regrowth

Frequently Asked Questions

Zinc pyrithione is a chemical compound which is coordination complex of zinc. It’s one of the mildest and most effective antifungals, antimicrobial, and antibacterial ingredients for the scalp. It’s an effective way to treat dandruff.

Sebum is made up of fat, keratin and cellular debris comprising of complex oils. Sebum is what provides natural moisturisation to the scalp and helps the scalp maintain a strong barrier against external stressors. However, an imbalance of sebum can lead to a variety of concerns. Excess sebum gives rise to dandruff.

An excess or severe lack of sebum can weaken the scalp barrier. Beyond maintaining a strong barrier, it also protects the scalp from bacteria and fungi and helps good bacteria thrive that play a role in immune system regulation.

Dandruff can cause hairloss because of the inflammation that comes with it. The inflammation leads to itching and scratching which injures hair follicles. Dandruff also creates an unhealthy environment on the scalp which curbs healthy hair growth and even leads to hair fall and hair loss.

Going vegan is a healthy option for your gut, your scalp, you, and our planet. Plant-based dandruff treatments are rich in antioxidants that help fight against free radical damage caused by prolonged exposure to heat, cold, stress, and pollution. Plant-based remedies for dandruff are effective in both the short run and the long run rather than formulas that contain harsh synthetic/petroleum/animal-derived chemicals.

Our plant-based shampoo bars are created to remedy specialised problems such as dandruff, hair fall etc. Using shampoo bars is easy, peasy, no squeezy. Solid in form, they are easy and gentle to glide over your scalp. Once you’ve applied the bar over your scalp, you can keep it aside in well-drained dish and start massaging your scalp. As you continue to massage your scalp, creamy, bubbly lather will form and cleanse the dirt, grime and problematic bacteria. And then you can easily rinse with water.

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