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Plant-Based Treatments to Fix Hair Fall

remedy hair fall with clean, conscious and effective plant-based hair fall treatment

we understand hair fall can be a real nightmare, treat it with antioxidant-rich acai berries, onion extract and plant keratin

taming wild to treat hair fall

Harnessing the power of plants to formulate a treatment routine that controls hair fall and reduces hair breakage

Onion and Acai Berry - Hair Fall Control Treatment

stimulate, strengthen, and soften

a fix as simple as a switch

We understand how to control hair fall with plant-based scalp and hair treatments that promise you:

Antioxidant-rich to remedy the damage to our scalp caused by oxidative stress and other environmental stressors. Açaì berries, a potent source of antioxidants, feature generously in our range as it helps reduce hair fall caused by exposure to pollution.

A healthier scalp is more capable of supporting healthier hair growth. while Açaì Berries work to reduce the damage done to our scalp, another key plant is onion. The extract stimulates our hair follicles to promote hair growth.

Hair breakage occurs when our hair, specifically the keratin cells, are damaged and lose their elasticity. Plant keratin is generously featured in our treatments to strengthen our hair and revive its elasticity to reduce hair breakage.

now everyone knows plants can be powerful

we created effective fixes and our tribe loved it

our 3 promises

Clean Beauty Icon


we create the fix using safe, plant-based ingredients

Conscious Beauty Icon


the fix is vegan, zero waste, plastic-free, water-saving and non-polluting

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and it fixes the damage caused by pollution, heat, humidity and stress

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Frequently Asked Questions

Sulfates aren’t written in our fate. And neither are parabens, phthalates and other sensitizing ingredients. We formulate using mild, plant-based ingredients that are gentle on our scalp, skin and hair.

A product is plant-based when the ingredients used in formulating the product are derived from a plant source. For example, the gentle and foaming cleansing agents we use are derived from coconut and glycerine. Our products are plant-based and vegan because it’s kind to your scalp, skin and hair and also our lovely planet.

Depending on the severity of the condition, you may start to see the result from first use. However, we recognise that everyone’s scalp and hair are different and respond differently to our products. Typically, our customers have seen a noticeable difference within 21 days of using the product consistently as per use direction.

Our haircare range specialises in curing different haircare problems ranging from dryness, itchiness, hair fall and even dandruff. You can find our haircare range that can fix dandruff from the shop page.

Our iconic moment in vogue

we create self-care that meets planet-care. we offer the care that makes you want to run your fingers through gorgeous hair while fiercely debating climate change. we know it, our tribe knows it and so does Vogue. we are the ‘Sustainability Icon’ for Vogue Beauty Awards 2021.

Our Iconic Moment in Vogue - Award Winning Sustainable Personal Care
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