10 reasons to gift your sister our natural hair care pack

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Looking for a perfect gift? Here's our list of top 10 reasons to gift your sister our natural hair care pack this Raksha Bandhan. (Oh! BTW its on this 15th so hurry up.)

#1: She’s your closest compatible organ donor.

Keep her safe.

Yup, we said it. It’s always good to have a backup ready. Natural and toxin-free, our high-quality ingredients make our products healthier than the regular ones.

#2: She’s probably friends with your crush.

Keep her pampered.

There’s no greater wingman than a sister. Yes, Barney, add that in your playbook. Ain’t no harm in pampering your sister with love for a little luuurve. 

#3: She can beat the shit out of you.

Keep her calm.

Come on, we all have tried WWE moves at home. And every brown boy knows that if your parents side with your sister, the beating only quadruples. Simple math. And so, we use ingredients like Grapefruit, Lavender, Patchouli, Rhassoul to help keep everyone calm.

#4: She can beat the shit out of anyone who hurt you.

Aww, that’s sweet.

All that wrestling comes in handy, guys. She protects you from scoldings, from embarrassment, from bullies, from stupidity. And so, let us protect her from toxins (for your protection).

#5: She’s sour but sweet.

Imagine if she smelled like cake.

Yep, she may be sour with you now but she probably won’t be once you gift her something natural. If not, well at least she’ll smell like cake with our after bath oil.

#6: She’s your best friend.

Yes, she knows. She knows you know she knows.

Remember when your parents were suspicious about you being at a party? Who told your parents you’re attending an extra class? Yes, that’s right. It’s time you introduced her to her hair’s best friend.

#7: She’s your worst enemy.

Rumour has it she may be Satan’s spawn.

She has all the dirt on you. Refer to point 6; she knows. Don’t ask how but know she knows. Keep her happy and radiant with the goodness of Ylang ylang essential oil and maybe she won’t spill the dirt on you.

#8: She’s upped your coolness quotient.

Don’t deny it.

There was a time when you thought baggy jeans were cool. Lucky for you, your sister made enough borderline cruel jokes for you to get rid of them. Another cruel joke? Animal testing. Gift her something cruelty-free unlike many detergent-based shampoos.

#9: She is the responsible one.

Your parents have said it, it’s time you agreed too.

You probably need to tell your parents about that trip you’re planning. Guess who’s responsible and might be willing to help? Your source must be responsible, just the way we source our ingredients.

#10: Ultimately, she’s made you stronger.

Of course! What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

But that’s not true for plastic. The toxic chemicals in plastic have made their way to our food, water and air. Thankfully, our products are packed and shipped 100% plastic-free.

What’s a better way to show your love than to give something made of love?

Grapefruit Pack Main Image
Team Rad Grapefruit
Team Rad Clay

If you’re a brother reading this, here’s a link to buy: Team Rad Complete Hair Care Pack

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