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Festive gifting. Corporate Diwali Gifts 2019.

This festive season, gift something that’s not only unique but also saves our big blue-green planet. For corporate Diwali gifts, choose from our exciting range of personal care products that are truly natural, healthier and sustainable.

Welcome to
The Big Save Festival

you’ve saved your employees from Monday morning blues. you’ve saved them from endless con calls. you’ve saved them from a toxic work environment.

this festive season, let’s turn another little save into the big save. 

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corporate gifts,
for every occasion

Meet our life-friendly range of planet and personal care gift packs.

the box
that saves

limited edition festive gift pack

nature’s connoisseurs haven; our creations are made of high-quality natural ingredients. a bunch of little things that make this box into something that’s not only a great festive diwali gift but also saves our big blue-green planet. 

Pack of

6 Personal Care Products

retail price

INR 2,500

(request quote for an exclusive price on your bulk order) 

box full
of love

exclusive value gift pack

our tribe’s favourite, it is an assortment of healthy ingredients, mixed together for an invigorating experience. get the perfect starting point to a plastic-free life with our range of body bars and shampoo bars.

Pack of

2 shampoo bars & 2 body bars

retail price

INR 1,050

(request quote for an exclusive price on your bulk order) 


Bamboo toothbrushes

crafted out of biodegradable and sustainably-grown MOS bamboo and charcoal-infused, BPA-free soft nylon bristles, it’s designed to give you a perfect rinse

Pack of

2 bamboo toothbrushes

retail price

INR 345

(request quote for an exclusive price on your bulk order) 

Like what you see?
Awesome! Check out our whole range of personal care products and find your best fit.

It’s the little things

that turn into the big save.

with great product

comes great packaging.

not just our creations but our packaging is incredibly useful. our ‘design-meet-function’ approach makes our gift boxes stand out and sturdy enough to be used again to store your valuables.

made using 100% recycled and/or FSC approved paper, our boxes are also shipped plastic-free, making it a truly sustainable festive gift.

why choose sustainable personal care for gifts?

Reason #1

’Sustainability’ is the new black, white, orange and all other possible colours.

Your young workforce believes in companies that care about our planet. Sustainable living demands collective effort and your employees know it. Strengthen your commitment to being environmentally aware and create a meaningful bond with your employees.

Reason #2

Keeping up with the future.

Aren’t we all bored with the same old celebrations packs and online shopping vouchers as Diwali gifts? Step into the future with something that saves our future. Made with high-quality ingredients, our creations promise that you never have a dull moment using them.

Reason #3

Nobody likes toxic relationships.

Why should toxic chemicals be disguised in something that’s supposed to care? All of our products are toxin-free, cruelty-free, palm oil-free and hand-made with responsibly sourced high-quality natural ingredients. And some of them are vegan too. Making them not just natural but healthier as well.

Reason #4

Word of Mouth maybe.

One thing for sure is that this will get your employees talking. Some between their friends and family while some on social media. In fact, your employees most likely love to post unboxing videos on their social channels. So go ahead, activate your PR, LinkedIn and Insta accounts, cos post tags are coming.

hey you!
here's a personalised gift for you.

Want to truly make it your own? The Switch Fix makes it easy with a variety of ways to personalise your corporate gifts.

  • add a personalised letter
  • add your company logo on the gift wrap.

Let's make you an offer, you can't refuse.

write to us at or directly chat with us on whatsapp.


Corporate Gifts

Corporate gifts are an amazing way to tell a story you want to share with your employees, customers, partners, and therefore getting it right is important. Be it a corporate event or any other occasion like weddings or festivals like Diwali or Christmas, we strive to make it as unique and exciting as possible through our range of premium personal care gift boxes. Personal Care and Natural Wellness products can be great festive gift ideas/corporate Diwali gifts for your employees and clients. Choose from a range of corporate gifts online that covers corporate Diwali gifts for employees, wedding return gifts, corporate gift hampers, business gifts, Diwali, Christmas, etc. and customise them as you please and gift it your clients, employees, staff, and loved ones. Our personal care range makes for unique Diwali Gifts and Christmas gifts. This year, like any, The Switch Fix has amazing corporate Diwali Gift Ideas and Christmas gift ideas for clients, employees, and conference attendees.

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