cocoa love

450 375

limited edition body bars with chocolate clay

cocoa love

nourish your skin with the decadent chocolate clay and soft rose clay.

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Weight 115 g
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450 375

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naughty but

What no ‘body’
can say no to


High in antioxidants, it also contains cellulite fighters that leave your skin feeling plump and soft.


Gives you a mild, gentle exfoliation and oil absorption for sensitive skin.

Indian rose
essential oils

Known for its antioxidant nature, it diminishes any blemish on your skin.

other ingredients:

Olive oil, Moringa oil, Castor oil, Coconut oil and Sunflower oil.

how to get
the most out of your body bar?

lather first:

rub it in your palms to generate rich creamy lather and then use it on your body.

apply directly:

rub it gently against your body to generate a creamy lather.

* for best results, use it with the body massage oils to see the desired results. and keep the bar in a dry place.

frequently asked questions

A meticulously created solid soap that’s naturally nourishing and moisturizing leaving your skin healthy along with that supple glow.

Yes, we don’t see any reason why not. In Fact, we use it on our face all the time. It’s the mild nature of our soap that makes it as good a face bar as it is a body bar. However, our Good Ol’ Charcoal has scrubbing granules so we recommend not to use it on your face on the regular.

Contrary to popular belief, a body bar is waaaay healthier than a liquid soap. Liquid soaps are diluted with large amount of water which makes it the perfect breeding ground for bacteria.

Cold process enables us to have maximum control over ingredients to not only retain their natural goodness but also the byproduct of soap making; glycerin which is a moisturizing agent for your skin. Meticulously crafted, given weeks to take form, we promise you mild, gentle and most importantly, a healthy experience.

One body bar, when stored properly, would last you more than a month.

Our body bars have natural glycerin which is highly moisturizing. Unfortunately, winter tends to make our skin dry and so we recommend our ‘Honey I’m Oats’ bar during winters. If you’re still facing dryness, we recommend massaging a little bit of coconut oil at night before sleeping. Not only will it keep your skin a little bit more moisturized, but also help your body relax.

Our body bars are highly moisturizing and some of us have stopped using lotions completely. However, if your skin is prone to dryness, we recommend using a little bit of warm coconut oil massage before sleeping.

First thing first, they are made of all-natural ingredients. Which means no harsh chemicals that leave your skin feeling dry. For someone with dry skin or during the winter season, we recommend using ‘Honey, I’m Oats!’ as the base oils give you a soft, moisturised feeling.

It’s truly unfortunate how Palm Oil is sourced. that’s why we don’t use Palm Oil in our body bars.

a switch for you and me.

its fun when we switch together. with Project Switch Foundation, our plastic-free products are not only healthy for you but for people living near landfills. 

25% of our profits go towards providing better health opportunities to the urban fenceline communities.

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Additional information

Weight 115 g
pack of



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