Student discount: For climate action on a student budget

Solving climate change and accomplishing sustainability goals can seem like tasks that can’t be done while living on a student budget. With our new student discount we aim to make the switch accessible to students.
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It’s hard being a student these days. Organised assemblies on climate change since middle school, “Write down 5 ways to reduce pollution” type questions in high school and having to juggle finances with sustainability goals in college… We hear you. We’ve been you. We are you. 

It feels like the previous generation went crazy on Planet Earth and left us scrambling to pick up the pieces. Do you feel very aware of the climate crisis at hand but also like it’s out of your hands? Like there are just too many problems to fix, corporations to take down and lives to save, all while trying to fix your own problems, figure out a career and live your own life? All this stress feels like it could make your hair fall out, doesn’t it?

But one thing we know about students is this – because of growing up hearing the terms ‘environmental impact’, ‘climate change’ and ‘global warming’, no matter how apathetic we want to be, deep inside we just can’t stop caring

That’s why we decided to step in with a student discount. We know that sustainability can be pricey and therefore feel unattainable. But we also know that every small change counts. Not just in the long run to save the planet and everybody on it, but also to the person who is making that change. Come on! Any win is a big one in this day and age!

We hope that our student discount will help the 3Rs that schooling taught come true while also actually taking you one step towards taking care of yourself. Imagine that; taking care of the planet, taking care of your wallet and taking care of yourself. Might as well call these the 3Cs 😉

Click here to learn more about the 30% off student discount.

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