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7 badass women that have the ability to get you talking sustainability

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From grassroot activism to worldwide actions, we’re living in a world that demands balance. Balance nurtures growth for our species. Balance creates room for our species to strive farther. Every single one of us plays a part in finding this balance, in our own way. And what better way to show a glimpse of a better balanced world than to celebrate young achievers in the area of sustainability? Here are the badass women who’ve inspired us and the words they live by:

1. Rhea, SuckIN Straws

As early as back in high-school is when Rhea’s sustainability journey began. She was moved by the news of the garbage patch in the Pacific Ocean forming. She knew she had to do something. It’s often the little things that slip through the cracks and end up causing so much damage. The news of plastic straws crowding the ocean became the last straw for her. Ever since she’s stayed on her sustainability journey and has got many restaurants to say “Suck it” to plastic straws.

We support everything that you do.


2. Sahar, Bare Necessities

Sahar Mansoor

One of the very first zero waste initiatives in India, Bare Necessities is the brainchild of Sahar Mansoor. With a strong inclination towards environmental planning, she can tell you all about how to live life more mindfully. She believes that no matter what anybody tells you, your resilience will defy all socially constructed notions. Here are a few words that have stuck with her through her journey: Let no one tell you what you can and cannot do. Be bold in your imagination and create the most vivid and beautiful life for yourself. After all, we are the authors of our stories.

You go gurl!


3. Sonal, Boondh

Sonal Jain

We met Sonal recently at a creative festival and we were in awe of her eclectic personality. She, along with her co-founder, started Boondh to upgrade menstrual care routine in India. Made with medical grade silicone, not only are their menstrual cups of great quality, they’re also hella healthy.

We feel her philosophy can be captured very well through these simple words she said: Write your own story. And make it fun.


4. Monisha, RUR Greenlife

A Stanford Alumni, Monisha is committed to turn this world into a cleaner and greener place by helping eco-conscious individuals make their waste worthwhile for the planet by choosing greener practices. We personally love the home bio-composter that Rur has. How her journey began and the seed was sown for a better, brighter and more balanced world for future generations can be well encapsulated through her words: Inspired by the magic of nature and seeing nature turn biodegradable kitchen waste into compost and growing back organic food, I feel motivated to contribute towards nurturing our environment and spread awareness on sustainable living. It’s been a glorious green journey as we have now over 50 projects successfully recycling waste at source in a decentralised manner and reducing the load on landfills.


5. Nalini, The Butt Ballot

Nalini is kicking some serious butt by telling us how to stub our butts responsibly. And also in a more thought provoking way. Rather than flicking away that cigarette, you can use it to vote by stubbing it in The Butt Ballot placed around you. Not only that, she also gets all the plastic cigarette butts collected in the ballot upcycled into bricks, mattresses, paper and more. Isn’t that incredible? Here’s what she has to say to you: Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.

Kudos to you, Nalini.  


6. Amishi, Upcyclers Lab

While we try and behave more responsibly towards our planet, Amishi goes a step further and teaches young minds about waste segregation, animal conservation, water conservation and more. She’s ensuring that the future decision makers are more socially responsible and will love the planet the way it’s meant to be loved. We wholeheartedly agree with her when she says, “Be unwavering in your convictions and success will come”.

And success will indeed come to her and every other socially responsible effort made.


Lastly, but not the least, we have our in-house ball of inspiration, Rhea.

7. Rhea, The Switch Fix

She’s always believed that the world can be made a better place with the help of mankind. We’re a species that can be a collective without knowing each other individually. All we need is a shared sense of purpose. With her conviction to form a collective of socially responsible individuals who will lay the foundation for a more sustainable world, she envisioned The Switch Fix. In her words: We can arrive at sustainability through many different roads. The important thing is that we arrive.

Because more often that not, the fix is as simple as a switch.

We thank all these incredible women for doing what they do. Happy 8th of March, everyone!

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