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the red flag

after a Netflix night-in, i couldn't believe what I woke up to.

Yet another Netflix night-in. Binge-watching while binge-eating. I don’t remember when I finally fell asleep but I remember vividly when I woke up. Surrounded by plastic containers of food delivered. From the straw to the little encasing for tissues, cutlery, little containers for dips, the packaging itself. I made my way to the washroom. When I looked up, it finally hit me. The toothbrush, toothbrush holder, toothpaste, shampoo bottle, soap dispenser, conditioner, the fancy ones that I bought on a whim but never used. I had at the very least 20 different kinds of plastic bottles/containers in my tiny washroom.

Have you seen Mean Girls? Remember ‘the plastics’? Well, it seemed like ‘the plastics’ were nothing compared to the plastic in my life. Imagine having a cheeseburger every time you did a squat. Makes no sense. That’s how it was whenever I ordered a salad that came in a plastic container seeping toxic chemicals into everything I ate. The red label across everything I ordered was a red flag for my health. It was time that I ended my toxic relationship with plastic.

Take a look at the plastic-free opportunities here.

– rhea shukla

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