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fight air pollution in plant-based nourishing armour. let us share how pollution affects our skin and how we can combat it.

pollution doesn’t soot us or our skin. before we understand why we need protective and healing skincare, let’s see what pollution does to our skin.

we are constantly exposed to the sun and many sources of pollution. air pollution along with the sun, are the main causes of damage to our skin. air pollution exposes our skin to:

  • combustion exhaust
  • particulate matter
  • free radicals

if that wasn’t a lot for our skin to handle, we are exposed to UV rays through the sun. and yes, our screens that we have been working with throughout the lockdown emit blue light, which is also harmful.

all of these together can have these effects on our skin:

  • brown spots
  • uneven and discolored skin
  • clogged pores
  • inflammation
  • premature aging of the skin
  • worsen acne

to fight it all, we need a skincare routine that not only heals but also shields us from air pollution. one that builds on our skin barrier. an effective plant-based anti-pollution skincare routine would need to include:


to protect against UV rays. everybody’s free to wear sunscreen and they should choose SPF 30 and above. reminder: it’s important to wear sunscreen not just to protect us from burns, but also against skin diseases. whether it’s overcast, cold or hot, wear sunscreen.


antioxidants protect our skin from free radical damage, which is a major issue when it comes to exposure to pollution. along with this, they help our skin heal faster. our blue-tea-ful hand cream is rich in antioxidants with blue tea as a core ingredient. it works along with chamomile, which soothes and calms our skin with anti-inflammatory properties.

vitamins C, E and A:

these vitamins fight against pollution and vitamin C even blocks the formation of free radicals. find clean and conscious, plant-based products which are rich in these vitamins.

our la vie en rosehip face butter works on the skin overnight to repair the skin from sun and pollution damage. vitamin A present in rosehip oil repairs signs of early aging and restores that glow, while sea buckthorn oil improves skin elasticity and works on cell regeneration. to make it come full circle, hibiscus supports the skin’s natural collagen with vitamin C and is anti-inflammatory. remember to use sunscreen the next morning after using overnight products.

to move on to the goodness of vitamin E, let’s talk about our viva la sativa body butter which has the vitamin E rich hemp seed oil as a core ingredient. this plant-based body butter nourishes and repairs the damage caused by pollution. the super-healing sal butter and nourishing mango butter work well with the reparative hemp seed oil, to make this a perfect fit for anti-pollution skincare.

let’s work on an anti-pollution skincare that makes our skin glow from within so that we can look fly as hell while reducing our global emissions to improve air quality as a whole.

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