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How Vitamin A Aces Skincare

a woman applying cream to her face

So many naturally occurring, good-for-the-skin nutrients to keep track of, so little time! Let’s start with the ‘A’ of skincare – vitamin A!

Every natural ingredient is a nutrient compound that reacts in its own way with our bodies. And here’s how vitamin A plays really neat tricks on our skin. Get ready for some science-y skincare terms (Which we’ve explained very simply).

Vitamin A – and other nutrients derived from it – are called retinoids. And these vitamin A nutrients are found in some of the foods we eat and in some of the solutions we apply to our skin.

Including vitamin A in your diet for skincare

fruits and vegetables

The red-orange pigment in plant foods is called beta-carotene. This pigment contains the ‘parent’ of vitamin A. Our body converts the pigment into the active form of vitamin A, which works on giving us a healthy skin. How, you ask?

1. It promotes production of healthy skin cell

The active compounds are important for cell production and growth. Now, our skin has cells (called fibroblasts) that are responsible for keeping it firm and healthy. Vitamin A stimulates these cells in the deep layers of our skin. Without vitamin A and its parent forms, our skin can weaken enough to cause dryness and wounds that heal slowly.

2. It is anti-aging and protects against UV damage

There are elements found in our skin that break down our skin’s support structures (these are called collagen), which in turn leads to saggy skin and fine lines. Vitamin A in different forms, like pigments, is an antioxidant. It basically quashes these harmful elements while also strengthening the skin against the sun by naturally protecting it against UV-induced redness and pigmentation.

3. It works against infections

Vitamin A’s antioxidant property combines with its cell production property, making the skin more immune to outside irritants and harmful bacteria. Your skin becomes healthier!

Get your vitamin A for skincare in yellow, red and green plant foods (like carrots, green leafies, mangoes and papayas), and in animal-based foods like eggs, oily fish, liver and dairy.

Topical application of vitamin A

a woman in a bathing robe applying cream

But first, Here’s the relationship between vitamin A and our skin. Our skin, which is an organ, has tissue layers that contain proteins that react with vitamin A nutrients. With just the right amount of vitamin A applied to the skin, the reaction can be just what you want it to be.

1. It’s a wrinkle fighter

Wrinkles develop when there’s a reduction in collagen in your skin, which could be due to UV exposure. Vitamin A, when applied to the skin, encourages collagen-making cells. This, consequently, strengthens the skin and fills in the fine lines below the skin’s surface. Research has shown an 80% increase in collagen after a year of vitamin A application!

2. It helps clear acne

Vitamin A creams activate cell turnover. Due to this, the pores of acne will not get clogged with dead skin cells, bacteria and oil. Instead, they are subjected to slow oil production and general cleanliness and freshness.

3. It diminishes hyperpigmentation

Melanin, the pigment in humans, is what gives our skin the shades of brown. Hyperpigmentation results in our skin developing brown spots due to exposure to the sun or internal reactions. Vitamin A creams help reduce these spots by blocking the enzymes that help produce excessive pigment. It goes on to make the skin glowy.

4. It evens your skin tone

The sun’s rays can react with our skin in many ways. Applying vitamin A cream normalises skin cell turnover, thus shedding damaged cells on the surface of the skin. The cells slowly become healthier and light bounces off the even-toned skin.

Be careful with the amount of vitamin A you apply to your skin. Our skincare range la vie en rosehip is filled with the richness of vitamin A from rosehip oil and other balancing nutrients from sea buckthorn oil and hibiscus, all measured in the right amounts. Find the nourishing vitamin in the range’s body massage oil, facial elixir, and face butter. The overnight cream and elixir get plenty of undisturbed time to work their magic on your skin. Vitamin A works from within to repair cell damage and restore that healthy glow.

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