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dry skin in winters: is your skin fighting a cold war?

make sure to fight the winter dryness and dullness with nourishing armour. let us tell you how.

the struggle for self-care in winters is real. winter and pollution is a major, not just a general cause for strife in skincare.

the cold may cause aggression, but with the right defense found in skincare, you’ll never run out of ammunition.

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so, why does winter cause this guerrilla attack on our skin? and how do we shield ourselves from it?

the lack of humidity

our skin tends to get drier in the winter because the humidity is low; indoors and outdoors. the epidermis, or the top-most layer of our skin, tends to reflect the level of humidity around it. the level of moisture drops with the temperature. so, drier air means drier skin.

winter itch

itchy skin in colder temperatures is often referred to as the winter itch and is actually really common. the itch is caused because of over-drying of the skin and is further aggravated by wearing woolen or flannel clothing. this may even cause our skin to look scaly.

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smog and dullness

all we want for christmas is that glow. but what comes between your beautiful skin and its glow is exposure to pollution. daily exposure to environmental stressors and pollution can cause dull skin, brown spots, dry and itchy skin and redness of the skin.

be the winter soldier your skin needs. the only barrier you need is a stronger skin barrier to fortify your skin from pollution and protect that glow. daily exposure to environmental stressors and pollution can cause dull skin, brown spots, dry and itchy skin and redness of the skin.

fight the grinch with plant-based oils and butters. hemp seed oil is one such oil known to create a barrier between your skin and pollution. it can be found in our deeply nourishing viva la sativa body butter.

viva la sativa – deeply nourishing body butter

aging of the skin

yeah we all love being sun-kissed, but prolonged exposure to the sun and not using SPF is more like being sun-slapped. remember, just because it’s colder, doesn’t mean we don’t need SPF. always, always wear sunscreen. the sun’s UV rays cause damage to the skin and might even cause sun-burns, making it lose its elasticity. this attack from the sun causes premature aging of the skin and makes it dry faster.

vitamin A and vitamin C rich oils help repair damage at a cellular level. rosehip oil and sea buckthorn oil are potent sources and their restorative qualities can be found in our la vie en rosehip face butter. let the goodness of spiti valley’s sea buckthorn work wonders on your skin.

la vie en rosehip – overnight restorative face butter

this winter, find peace with a wholesome skin-care routine.

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