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Coffee Body Scrubs We Didn’t Know We Needed

roasted coffee is bae. whether it is warmth in winters or the need for exfoliation, it fulfils both. let us tell you how.
coffee body scrub

winter might get us depresso, but nothing that can’t be undone with a shot of espresso. temperature in single digits means we’re all out on the hunt for our coffee mugs and brewing ourselves a new one.

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not so surprisingly, our favourite beverage is an all-rounder when it comes to winters. need exfoliation? coffee’s got your back.

first things first, let’s understand why we need exfoliation at all.

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to keep our skin smooth, shiny and brewtiful, we need to exfoliate.

now, let’s go back to our delish coffee. yes, roasted coffee is a great exfoliator. no matter what coffee does, it gives it the best shot. and so, we collaborated with our friends at Blue Tokai to make body scrubs with repurposed coffee.

coffee not only exfoliates the skin but also has calming effects, and reduces inflammation. that is important as exposure to sun and pollution makes our skin age early.

with this need for exfoliation and love for coffee, we created these two body scrubs for different skin types:

  1. clean bean: let’s get you that doppio skin-care. each skin type has different needs, and oily skin needs exfoliation that runs deep, as well as nourishment that doesn’t further cause clogged pores. roasted and repurposed coffee and cinnamon come together as a perfect blend to cleanse the skin of dead skin and pollutants. apricot oil gives your skin the nourishment it needs as well as a protective layer against pollution.

  2. daily grind: dry skin means that these cool beans need to give you the exfoliation you deserve without leaving your skin dried out. so, while the coffee grinds in this body scrub give you a thorough cleanse, the apricot oil and cocoa butter make the blend nourishing and help in keeping your skin moisturized.

start your exfoliation journey this winter with a whole latte love, thanks to the wonder of repurposed coffee ☕

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