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Blue Tokai x The Switch Fix: a collab for circular economy

a collaboration that was meant to bean. repurposed roasted coffee finds its way into your winter skincare routine as clean and conscious body scrubs.
Blue Tokai Coffee Scrubs

the fee paid by coffee

one fine morning, our warm cup of coffee turned into a wake up call in more ways than one. it hit us hard. not the caffeine, the reality check.

23 million tonnes of coffee is wasted every year. just in production. that’s 4.2 billion cups of our precious, going to waste every single day. and it isn’t just about our steaming hot cup of joe, but also our planet.

as our planet becomes hotter, and the weather more erratic, farmers find themselves in a hot mess. more droughts and less helpful insects that pollinate coffee plantations. as temperature rises, so does the altitude at which coffee is able to grow. at this rate, over 50% of coffee plantations will become unproductive by 2050.

let’s roast coffee, not our planet

we don’t want our future to be as dark as our coffee. so, it is time to find a solution. it’s clear that to reduce waste, we must use our resources to their full potential.

one way to do so is to develop a circular economy. a circular economy is one where waste is eliminated by continual use of resources. it ensures that we actually execute the proverbial idea of ‘one man’s trash is another’s treasure’.

instead of placing rage against the espresso machine, we decided to express our concern to our friends at Blue Tokai. afterall, we both love roasted coffee, not a roasted planet. with circular economy at the core, we decided to collaborate. it was simply meant to bean.

finding that perfect blend

the perfect blend is when brands like Blue Tokai and The Switch Fix come together to optimize use of resources. and to do it for the love of roasted coffee. . not all heroes wear capes, some simply wear aprons.

with this collaboration, we’re creating co-branded personal care using repurposed coffee. Blue Tokai saves its roasted coffee grinds that otherwise would have been discarded and we collect it. with our classic ‘wild tamed by science’ approach, we take the ground coffee, sun dry it, clean it, process it and ultimately blend it with plant-based oils and butters to make self-care that meets planet-care.

it’s deja brew

roasted coffee finds its purpose again with exfoliating body scrubs. as winter dawns upon us, we need coffee’s exfoliating properties to remove dead skin and bring back that healthy glow that pollution is hell bent on taking away from us.

it also blesses us with increased blood flow.  in other words, choosing roasted coffee did not require a lot of filtering out. the two body scrubs we’ve created are:

clean bean

this water-free body scrub cleans grime and pollutants off your body. the plant based oils and butters go on to  create  a protective barrier for your skin.

daily grind

this thicc mixture of repurposed coffee granules, apricot oil and cocoa butter grinds away at the grime and pollutants without leaving your skin dry.

our friends at Blue Tokai coffee roasters and their delish coffee can be found in these two blends. it’s not just made using repurposed coffee but is also plant-based, water-saving and non-polluting to help you ace that zero waste lifestyle. come, meet self-care that meets planet-care.

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