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10 Desi Vegan Recipes That’ll Blow Your Mind!

Who says you can't have your favorite Indian sweets, your morning chai, or pizza? Our vegan Indian recipes will truly change your perspective on veganism.
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‘Veganism’ stands for the culinary choices of people who don’t eat meat. Or eggs. Or drink milk. Or eat cheese. Or indulge in anything that comes from animal husbandry. Nor do they use any clothing or objects made from an animal. So no leather, silk, pearls, or ivory-keyed pianos. One can clearly draw the conclusion that veganism is not a diet; it is a lifestyle.

Many awakened consumers in India are drawn to this lifestyle but dread the enormous changes that come with it. Mainly with regard to their favourite foods. So this article is for those of you who fear that a vegan diet is as good as turning into a grass-fed cow. Don’t worry, it’s NOT!

Set 1: Meat me halfway!

Here’s a unique collection of recipes for folks taking a big step away from their non-vegetarian diet.

1. Vegan Keema Biryani

All meat lovers fancy a good keema biryani. The divine marriage between rice, spices, and meat is an unforgettable experience. So we found a vegan take on the same recipe to satiate your tastebuds. This dish tastes just like the real thing. Get the recipe here!

Image credits: Pinterest

2. Quick Spicy Vegan Chicken Masala

Quick, easy, and yummy! This recipe is just as good as your mom’s homemade chicken masala. Get the recipe here!

3. Vegan Goan Sausage Curry

An insanely delightful dish straight from the rave capital of India! This vegan version will take you on a virtual vacation to your favourite state. Pssst… the secret ingredient is the meatless sausages that you can buy at the Vegan DukaanGet this recipe here!

Image credits: Pinterest

Set 2: Viral vegan trends

A collection of some quintessential dishes inspired by our ‘must-try recipes’ board on Pinterest.

4. Homemade Vegan Pizza

Netflix nights and weekends are incomplete without pizza. If you love cooking then you will love to whip up this beauty from scratch. Get the recipe here!

5. Vegan Banana Bread

The pandemic started with so many of us staying home and baking bread. What started as a trend became a household staple for some. We’ve found this vegan-friendly banana bread recipe so you can join in!

Image credits: Pinterest

6. Vegan Brownies

Indulge in soft gooey brownies made without dairy or eggs. You’re totally going to love this! Get the recipe here!

Image credits: Pinterest

Let’s take a break from virtual drooling to admire the start of this wonderful vegan culture!

“In November 1944, a British woodworker named Donald Watson announced that because vegetarians ate dairy and eggs, he was going to create a new term called “vegan,” to describe people who did not. Tuberculosis had been found in 40% of Britain’s dairy cows the year before, and Watson used this to his advantage, claiming that it proved the vegan lifestyle protected people from tainted food.” – Time Magazine on History Of Veganism

Set 3: Desi staples – the vegan edit

Are you really desi without these festive staples? These vegan desi delicacies will blow your mind.

7. Vegan Rasmalai

Dear vegans, you’re in for a treat with this dairy-free Bengali delicacy. You will be eating this all year long. Get the recipe here!

8. Vegan Almond Halva

A treat for all the halva fans in the house. No ghee, dairy and you can whip this up in 5mins – how awesome is that? Get the recipe here!

9. Vegan Malai Burfi

Diwali is around the corner, and homes are usually overflowing with Indian sweets. While most Indian sweets are loaded with dairy, our alternative is vegan-friendly. Get this delicious Malai Barfi recipe here!

Finally, a beverage that goes well with a gossip sesh, calms morning grumpiness and sets the stage for your current Netflix binge. 

10. Vegan Chai

The aroma of chai can turn any frown into a big smile. This vegan version is no less than a regular dairy chai. Loaded with ginger and chai masala – this is indeed a warm hug in a cup. Get the recipe here!

Image credits: Pinterest
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