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Why Zero Waste Movement Is A Fix

Billions of tonnes of waste is generated every year and it’s piling up in our oceans, landfills and our bodies. What can we do? 
Zero Waste Movement

Why is trash a problem?

Over 2 billion tonnes of trash was generated by homes and businesses globally in 2016. That roughly translates to 750-1000g of waste per person per day. The World Bank estimates that this number will grow by 70% by as early as 2050.

The infamous predicted outcome that there might be more plastic than fishes in our oceans is becoming increasingly true with every passing day. So, what can we do? Let’s go back to the 750-1000g of waste per person per day. Each one of us generates over 365 kilos of waste every year. 

Most of us believe that when we throw trash away, it goes away. But, there’s no “away” as such. It comes back to us through the food chain, through our water sources. We breathe all the emissions and toxic gasses that the waste emits in an effort to break down (which is difficult because the nature of most waste is plastic).

The trash problem isn’t an environmental crisis, it’s a public health crisis.

What is the Zero Waste Movement? 

Zero waste is a movement that helps us reexamine our relationship with stuff. Stuff that usually ends up in our landfills very quickly. The goal of the zero waste movement is to send as little waste as possible to the landfills and oceans. The zero waste lifestyle practitioners diligently avoid plastic packaging, disposable coffee cups, paper towels and many other such things that many don’t give a second thought to before throwing it away. Zero waste practitioners are pros at refusing, recycling, reusing and repurposing.

How does the zero waste movement help?

We’re living in a “convenience economy” where as technology has progressed, our desire to get everything we need in the most convenient way possible is at its peak. This convenience, which results in the smallest of things being shipped to our doors, has resulted in monumental levels of trash. The zero waste movement helps cut down trash by rethinking the “desires” we’ve been conditioned into and consciously choose between what we really need and what’s the most efficient, economical and environmentally friendly way to get it.

Zero waste doesn’t mean to give up our standard of living but to recognize the health implications of monumental levels of trash and finding zero waste ways to fulfil our needs and desires.

Is it possible for you to lead a zero waste lifestyle?

For sure! And we’re here to help you in your journey. We create zero waste products that are clean, conscious and effective against the damaging effects of heat, pollution, and stress. 

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