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rahul and pooja, are you listening?

some relationships aren't meant to be.

Rahul and Pooja met at their common friend’s party. It was love at first sight for both of them. But Pooja being Pooja, kept him waiting.

Coffees happened, movies happened and so did numerous episodes of Brooklyn Nine Nine. And when season 5 was almost getting over, Pooja acknowledged her love for Rahul. 

It was very much obvious, but it made things very awkward. For like 7 minutes. And then there was extreme PDA. For like 4 years. 

By the way, Rahul was a DJ. And no, he never played at weddings. Ok, he did once. 

And Pooja, was a Singer. Her voice had the chills. 

Their newfound love for each other translated into a band that so damn cool. 

We became cool, just by knowing them personally. We were hogging izzat like a pig. It was really really noice.  

Moving on, they say opposites attract. That’s so mainstream. Rahul and Pooja were exactly the same. To them, it was like falling in love with him/herself. We cracked some dirty jokes on that. They both hated Game of Thrones and loved Pineapple on Pizza. 

And then on one New Year’s Eve, they played a gig at some random party in Chattarpur. And Pooja caught Rahul making out with a girl. Nothing happened there. They, like cool adults, partied hard, got sloshed and then went back home. Then, shit happened. Chairs were thrown, vases broke, gifts were put on fire and abuses were slapped on each other. It was bad. Really bad. 

The band broke. Good music disappeared. We stopped becoming cool. 

They would just bitch about each other. Throw shade at each other at parties. Being friends with both of them were really difficult. We were always in a fix. 

They couldn’t tolerate each other. And soon, we couldn’t tolerate them. 

Parties died, get-togethers disappeared, friendships broke, and our small social circle got dissolved. 

Current status, Pooja is busy on Tinder and Rahul buys Cerelac every week.

Moral: Like plastic, some relationships become extremely toxic.

Get rid of the toxicity. Gift your ex a box full of love

Completely plastic free, it’s a gift that actually makes some difference. It’s great for them, and also great for us. 

Rahul and Pooja, are you listening?

– ranit mukherjee
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