no, we are not hot for hot showers

how to chill out with cold showers. ditch hot showers, dry skin and a drying planet with it.

you know when you’re in the shower, the hot water keeps flowing in and you just never want to get out? yeah, we need to ditch that. ditching hot showers is not just good for our health, but also our planet’s.

don’t go with the flow

Staying in the shower forever owing to its hot temperature is a part of ‘behavioural waste’. The other aspect of it is when we turn on our tap, and the water is all cold, so we wait for the water to become warm or hot. Just with this, we wash down about 20% of our shower water.

Showering accounts for 17% of water usage in homes. And that rises as your house becomes bigger. You know what they say, mo’ money, mo’ problems. Bigger houses come with bigger pipes which make it more time consuming for hot water to come out.

the bath not taken

As relaxing as hot water showers are, they are plenty bad for our skin. They dry out our skin, irritate it, in turn causing an itch. only mirrors catch moisture from hot showers, not our skin. Hot showers damage the keratin cells in our skin, and prevent our skin from locking in the moisture. 

The simplest way to prevent dry skin and a drying planet is by switching to cold showers. Other than for people with heart illnesses, we can all do with a cold shower. Cold showers help our body as it,

  • helps reduce stress by regulating our mood
  • brings our heart rate up and improves circulation, making muscles heal faster
  • makes us more alert

When we cut back our usage of hot water, we make our planet less dry as well. Cold water uses less energy as it doesn’t require heavy heaters or geysers. Moreover, when bathing with cold water, we end up staying in the shower for a lesser duration, making it optimal use of a scarce resource.

Switch to cold showers to take climate action like a pro!

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