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Learn A Fix: Net Zero Emissions

The promise of “Net Zero Emissions” has become increasingly popular but what does it really mean and why should you care about it?
Net Zero Emissions

What is Net Zero Emissions?

Remember the time you ate that extra slice of pizza and decided to do an extra set of squats at the gym the next day? Net zero emissions are like that. It’s just that we’ve been eating pizza constantly since the past century or so and collectively need to do many MANY squats in the form of carbon removal.

Net zero emissions are achieved when emissions generated are offset by removing an equivalent amount of GHGs from the atmosphere and storing it permanently in soil, plants and / or materials. 

What is Net Zero Emissions?

There’s no easy way to say this but there is a funny way to say this – if climate change is a blockbuster movie, India has the VVIP pass for the global climate disaster. To avoid the worst climate impacts, we have to drop GHG emissions like they’re hot to half by 2030.

The path to net zero is what makes us feel so excited. As we progress towards net zero, we’ll witness the revival of our dying forests and the creation of new ones. We’ll switch to clean energy alternatives and find ourselves saying “Fresh air is indeed a fundamental right”. We’ll adapt and turn sustainability into a habit and reduce the waste that’s generated in our homes. We’ll find ourselves eating food that grows in healthier soil with far more essential nutrients. Every aspect of our lives, across socioeconomic groups, will move towards a healthier place. What’s more? Reimagining society this way creates numerous employment opportunities.

How can you help?

We should understand that the longer we take to hit net zero emissions, the more CO2 we’ll need to take out of the atmosphere, known as “negative emissions.” To achieve net zero, we need detailed roadmaps and massive funding commitments.

Early adopters, like you, play a vital role in building faith in initiatives that cut emissions.

While the government is building solar, wind, and hydrogen power capacity, it’s people like you and us that must utilize the power being generated. Whether we switch to electric vehicles, install solar panels or even choose to vacation in solar powered homestays; it all signals that we’re ready to transition to alternative energy sources. The demand for clean energy sources will soar and encourage more players to enter and invest in the clean energy industry.

Similarly, it’s you who influences whether living next to a landfill should be normalized or not, whether breathing Delhi’s nightmare-ish air should be our ‘new normal’ or not. As a consumer, with your purchase, you decide whether petroleum-based, polluting, wasteful products should be acceptable or not.

As an early adopter, trust sustainable initiatives that cut emissions. Trust sustainable initiatives so that more people can walk behind you on the path to a more sustainable country.

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