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Is Veganism The Fix?

Because of the footprint agriculture has, the climate debate often revolves around our diet and lifestyle. But, is veganism the fix?
Is Veganism A Fix

Modern agriculture: the pros and cons

Coffee made in oat mylk, avocado toast, granola and fruits. I’m well-fed and I’m grateful to modern agriculture. One of the greatest challenges of our species is the question – how to keep humanity well-fed? Everyone deserves ample nutrition.

Tractors, plows, combine harvests have made farming more time-efficient. Fertilizers have helped increase crop yield to cater to the growing demand for food. Irrigation systems have helped farm more land. 

I feel conflicted because modern agriculture is also responsible for rampant deforestation, water pollution due to chemical fertilizer run-off, soil pollution, drop in groundwater level, and immense carbon emissions.

What is veganism?

Veganism is the practice of abstaining from consuming animal-derived products. More commonly it’s associated with diet but recently it’s being recognized as a category in clothing and in personal care products.

Does veganism curb the cons of modern agriculture?

Yes and no. To produce meat and dairy at the scale we need it, modern agriculture is wiping forests. Forests take hundreds, if not thousands, of years to become a complex system of biodiversity. It’s well known that the rampant deforestation destroys animal habitats. What’s lesser known is that these forests store a lot of carbon that we emit which then get released into the atmosphere. 

Monoculture of any form is destructive. For example, soya, maize, and palm monocultures have been really damaging to our ecological system.

But, the reason why veganism still might be the fix is because of the sheer number of plants and crops to choose from. It offers a lot more opportunities to grow different, more sustainable, combinations of plants and crops that are appropriate to the region they’re being grown in. Most plants have a far lower carbon and water footprint compared to meat and dairy products.

Should you try veganism?

You should try everything that makes our planet healthier and more sustainable. While not every vegan food might be sustainable, they’re more sustainable than meat and dairy products. Plus, plants also carry far higher levels of antioxidants which are essential for our well-being. 

You can begin by using antioxidant-rich personal care. Shop here.

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