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Coping with COVID-19: Home Safe Home

Coping with COVID-19: Dos and Donts during COVID-19 / Corona lockdown
Dos and Don’ts during COVID-19 / Corona lockdown blog header

To help you wrap your head around this pandemic we call Covid-19, we’ve made a list of things that make sense and don’t make sense during this time.

1. What's cooking?
it makes sense to:
  • Stock up on necessities like food grains, rice, pulses, etc.
  • Throw in ingredients like cocoa, chocolate and cheese to break the monotony.
  • Pick versatile ingredients that can be used in multiple recipes.
  • Follow good hygiene practices while cooking. Wash your hands!
  • Double check your online orders. Avoid frequent deliveries. After all, delivery persons aren’t your ticket to social interaction.
It doesn't Make Sense to:
  • Hoard. It’s a matter of three weeks, and your nearest grocery store will remain open.
  • Buy unhealthy, packaged food. Instead, try out healthy snack options.
  • Make frequent trips to the grocery store as an excuse to get out of the house.
2. Germs Don’t Spark Joy
it makes sense to:
  • Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds each time. That’s one full chorus of The Ketchup Song. Sing along and don’t leave the tap running!
  • Disinfect high touch areas such as doorknobs, switches and taps with disinfectant liquid. 
  • Cover your face with a tissue when you cough or sneeze, and immediately throw the tissue in the bin. It’s not a collector’s item.
  • Stock up on menstrual hygiene products as required.
It doesn't Make Sense to:
  • Use hand sanitizers at home. With water available, soap is the cleaner and less wasteful choice.
  • Touch your eyes, nose and mouth. When you feel like doing it, wash your hands instead.
3. Adding to Cart is Not a Real Hobby
it makes sense to:
  • Request your delivery person for no-contact delivery. Introverts, it’s your time to shine.
  • Refer to the ‘Hygiene Mark’ of a restaurant on Zomato to ensure that it adheres to good hygiene standards.
  • Serve food in your own crockery after appropriately disposing off restaurant containers.
  • Handle delivery boxes with care. As much as possible, limit the number of surfaces they touch.
It doesn't Make Sense to:
  • Order products that are not urgent and immediate requirements.
  • Fuss if a product you order is out of stock. Be open to receiving alternatives or refunds.
  • Leave delivery boxes scattered around. Discard them quickly and appropriately.
4. We’re All in This Together
it makes sense to:
  • Practice social distancing. Make your parents happy and avoid going out. At all.
  • Volunteer to purchase groceries for the elderly and immuno-compromised if you are healthy and able.
  • Share verified, helpful updates with others. Sources like WHO, CDC and the Ministry of Health are accurate and trustworthy.
It doesn't Make Sense to:
  • Share negative, malicious, or unverified information. It’s punishable by law. WhatsApp forwards, we’re looking at you.
  • Be racist. Instances of racism and violence have been observed against the Chinese as well as North-East Indians. Offer solidarity and support.
5. If you have COVID-19 Symptoms
it makes sense to:
  • If you have it, flaunt the authorities.
  • Call the authorities, they will tell you the next steps. Use the following helpline numbers: Helpline numbers or call 1075.
  • Self quarantine: Avoid interacting with others – including your immediate family.
It doesn't Make Sense to:
  • Panic.
  • Self-medicate. We still haven’t found the right medicine. Taking a wrong one may aggravate the symptoms.
  • Hydroxychloroquine should only be taken under medical supervision.
6. additional info
it makes sense to:
  • Rely on digital transactions for all payments. 
  • Make arrangements for emergency travel as cab services will be suspended.
  • Order medication, groceries, and other emergency items online.
It doesn't Make Sense to:
  • Panic and withdraw money. Banks and ATMs will remain open.

To lessen your worry, we will be sharing updates, suggestions, offering a listening ear if you need one and stopping any spread of misinformation. DM us if you have questions, anything to share or just want to talk.

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