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climate change: how coffee is paying the climate fee

climate change is making our planet steam, just like our coffee. we spill the beans on why we need to give climate action our best shot to save our favourite beverage.

most of us need a well brewed cup of joe before we can say ‘good morning’ to another living soul. that’s how much we love coffee and are dependent on it.

but our coffee might be getting roasted in ways we don’t like. while we all take coffee in different forms and ways, it’s time to take it in one standard form. take it seriously, very very seriously.

in a world of scarce resources, coffee is not an exception. but the consumption levels of coffee are always on the rise. our climate is changing, and is changing how we grow our coffee with it. this is how:

irregular weather means irregular yield

the weather patterns are becoming unpredictable, just what our behaviour is like without our coffee. with higher temperatures, farmers have to look for higher altitudes to cultivate coffee.

rising temperatures make droughts a common occurrence. this makes it difficult for the coffee fruit to bloom. other weather issues like non-seasonal rains and bad storms hit the yield hard. this makes good coffee difficult to grow, and thus, expensive to buy.

killing the buzz

climate change poses a great threat to many species across the globe. the different kinds of bees, moths, and other insects that pollinate the coffee plant are also at risk. rising temperatures are literally killing the buzz with an increasing range of diseases. if the bee movie taught us anything, it’s that we need to let the pollinators peace out.

coffee’s getting rusty

changing climate also increases the likelihood of plant disease. this includes the deadly disease called la roya, or stem rust, in coffee. this makes coffee produce lesser fruits which contain the coffee bean. some specialty coffees could begin to disappear because of this.

by 2050, the land suitable for growing coffee could shrink upto 50% and the global demand is projected to double. with this demand-supply gap, the coffee prices will increase. not only that, but the quality of our roasted coffee will also decline.

while the industries and governments can take macro actions, we can make our voices heard, drive the good kinda change and with clean and conscious choices, slow down climate change.

this a wake up call. let’s do what coffee has prepped us for, in all these years: pour one cup, and get the ball rolling.

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