Why Bamboo Might Be Our Favourite Superhero Of All Time

We’re talking superheroes today. And our favourite one is Bamboo. Sure, there are some cool superpowers around.
Bamboo: A Superhero Blog Masthead Image

Flying? Pretty cool. Invisibility? Wouldn’t mind it. The ability to morph into an eight feet tall superhuman who is perpetually angry and can smash at will? We’re about halfway there in our minds already.

But wait till you hear about Bamboo Our Favourite Superhero. You may just join our team. 

Give Me Some Carb(on Dioxide)

Bamboo is a Carbon Sink. That is, it hogs Carbon Dioxide just like we eat ice cream post break up. In a world of carbon footprints, Bamboo is our carbon-negative hero.

Most Bamboo products are carbon neutral or even negative by the time they reach consumers after which, they are compostable. They come from nature and go back to it. Like magic!

Feeling Renewed

Bamboo products are often substitutes for plastics and metals alike. These materials are often high on carbon emissions and pollutants due to the involvement of petrochemicals. Bamboo is in itself, a renewable material, made from other renewable materials like soil, water and sunlight.

you've grown

Several plants are taxing on soil and land resources. Often, the soil needs at least a few years of break after harvest to renew itself. But Bamboo is different. 

As it grows, Bamboo Our Favourite Superhero gives back to the soil by adding stability and fertility, thus preventing soil erosion.

I can Do It All

One of the attributes of Bamboo that make it so commercially viable is its versatility. 

From construction work to household utensils and bath-ware, it finds use in every product. It is a rarity that any part of a bamboo plant goes waste.

our products made of bamboo

Natural Bamboo Toothbrush by The Switch Fix
Natural Bamboo Toothbrush


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