Tanmaya learns how to use shampoo bars

Tanmaya Bhatnagar, singer and songwriter, learns how to use shampoo bars with us in this fun collaboration.
Tanmaya Bhatnagar x The Switch Fix - How to use Shampoo Bars

Shampoo Bars are sustainable switches we all need to make to fix damage done to our scalp, hair and the planet. We partnered with Tanmaya Bhatnagar to quickly show the best way to use shampoo bars. Take a look-

We have created an entire range of shampoo bars to suit different concerns and scalp and hair types. Go ahead, take your pick-

We also asked Tanmaya Bhatnagar what does sustainability mean to her?

“Sustainability means making choices. Now, more than ever – we need to be more careful and mindful of how we treat our environment. It’s important to know how we could be impacting our environment in our day to day choices. Right now, I think sustainability means, educating myself and slowly changing my habits and hopefully encouraging my loved ones around me to adapt the same.”

What does sustainable living mean to you? Comment in the box below.


Team Switch

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