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Oiling before shampoo: why it’s a MUST for gorgeous hair

Thicc, lustrous, healthy hair - that’s the dream, innit? But, the rising pollution makes it impossible. Oiling before shampoo can alleviate.
Oiling Before Shampoo

Thicc, lustrous, healthy hair – that’s the dream, innit? In the hustle bustle of our busy lives, many of us find it difficult to make time for our hair to make this dream come true. But, the rising pollution makes it impossible for us to forget how important it is to take care of our hair. And so, in this piece, we cover some basic but vital steps in an effective hair care routine.

What's a shampoo?

A shampoo is meant for cleaning your scalp. It’s made up of cleansing agents or detergents and are typically pH balanced to suit your scalp and hair pH (~pH 5.5).
Soap is alkaline with a pH well above 7 and shouldn’t be used to clean your scalp or hair.

What's hair oil?

A hair oil, as the name suggests, is an oil-based product with the intent of improving moisturization, conditioning and overall health of your scalp and hair.
The right combination of oils can alleviate hair fall, dandruff, dryness and other ailments.

What does your scalp and hair need?

Exposure to rising pollution, heat, and humidity is damaging our scalp and hair. 
There is build up on our scalp due to pollutants, dirt, grime and sweat. This build up can lead to a host of problems like dandruff, greasiness, hair fall. Our scalp requires cleansing to remove this build up.
Sebum is made up of oil and water and keeps our scalp lubricated. Due to these stressors, our scalp is producing too much sebum or too little, leaving it too oily or too dry. So, our scalp needs the right nourishment. When there’s too little sebum present on the scalp, an oil-based hair oil and water-based hair mask become a must.

Why is it necessary to massage your scalp with oil before shampoo? 

Shampoo by nature is made up of cleansing agents that pair with water as well as oil to cleanse the scalp. This naturally removes some of the sebum from the scalp which is necessary. Overshampooing is a big no-no as you end up removing most of the sebum leaving the scalp vulnerable.
To make sure that your scalp is well-moisturized even after the necessary shampooing required, make sure you massage your scalp with oil before shampooing. We recommend atleast 30 minutes before. We personally love to leave on our scalp treatment oils overnight. 
We love Viva La Sativa Scalp Treatment Oil for extremely dry and damaged scalp and hair. 
We love Calm Me Camellia Scalp Treatment Oil to soothe the scalp and remove flakiness. 
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