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Magic Shrooms Haircare Range: A fix so simple, we called it magic

We’re bringing Mushrooms to haircare for the first time in India with our Magic Shrooms Haircare Range. Co-created with Shroomery, the Magic Shrooms Haircare range will help fix dry scalp by strengthening the scalp barrier.
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A broken or damaged scalp barrier is unable to retain moisture and is left extremely dry and dehydrated. This leads to itching, flaking or even hair fall. While Mushrooms are widely popular as an ingredient in skin care due to their ability to repair the skin barrier and lock in moisture, with the co-creation of Magic Shrooms Haircare Range with Shroomery, we’re bringing Mushrooms to haircare for the first time in India.

Scalp care is the real haircare

Lifestyle and environmental stresses such as the changing climate and extreme weather cause our scalp barrier to weaken, leading to a dry scalp unable to retain moisture – further exacerbating ageing of the scalp, hair fall and overall loss of shine. Yet, the haircare conversation is narrowly focused only on the indicators of healthy hair rather than the solid link between hair and scalp health. With this remarkable collaboration, The Switch Fix and Shroomery aim to provide a fix through our Magic Shrooms Haircare range and broaden the horizon of haircare regimen by ushering scalp health into the haircare conversation.

How does the Magic Shroom Haircare range work?

Featuring Shroomery’s King Trumpet Mushrooms, the bundle of products is crafted to strengthen the scalp barrier, combat oxidative stress, and soothe sensitive scalps, especially during extreme and erratic weather. In addition to being rich in Vitamin B6 and Niacin, this range has been curated using mushrooms specifically for their anti-hyaluronidase properties – which prevent hyaluronidase from attacking hydrating and vitality-boosting compounds naturally found on our scalps, such as collagen and hyaluronic acid.

Perfectly suited to a clean and conscious lifestyle

Like our other creations, the Magic Shrooms haircare range is clean and conscious. We have made it without sulfates, parabens and alcohol. It’s vegan, water-saving and non-polluting (safe for marine life). Everything is packed and shipped in plastic-free and biodegradable containers making our range perfect for you to ace that conscious lifestyle.

Have a rad hair day, every day

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