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Is Your Shampoo Bar Actually Plastic-free?

With the rising concern for plastic in our oceans, food, air and poo, more people are turning to solid shampoo. But, is a shampoo bar actually plastic-free?
Is Your Shampoo Bar Actually Plastic-free

First, let’s understand liquid shampoos

On average, a person goes through close to 1000 shampoo bottles in their lifetime. Globally, roughly 3-5 billion shampoo bottles are trashed every year.

Plastic bottles aren’t just a choking hazard for turtles. Most of us have slowly become aware of the detrimental impact plastic bottles have on our well-being and our environment. From accelerating ocean acidification, making their way up the food chain into our food, or simply sneaking into our food, water, and air as microplastics. We’re literally pooping plastic.

Recently, questions have been raised on not just the packaging, but the ingredients. Some of the most common ingredients in personal care products are petroleum-based or straight up plastic. These chemicals accumulate in our environment and spread toxicity.

A closer look at shampoo bars

Shampoo bars are awesome because they’re plastic-free. And it’s SO EASY to just make the switch and stop contributing towards all this toxic trash. People who have switched to shampoo bars swear by it. Over 20,000 Switchers till date who have tried our shampoo bars swear by it.

Recently, many shampoo bars have come out in the market that are plastic-free in packaging but not their ingredient list. Ingredients you should watch out for include PEG (such as Sodium PEG-7 Olive Oil Carboxylate), mineral oil, parabens etc.

What’s special about The Switch Fix shampoo bars: Plastic-Free Shampoo Bar

They’re plastic-free – in packaging and their ingredient list! Giving you a truly plastic-free experience. Go on, kickstart your #PlasticFreeJuly journey with a fix that’s as simple as a switch:

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