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Is rising pollution the reason behind rising hair fall?

We’re exposed to more pollutants than ever before. These pollutants can disrupt the nourishing ecosystem present on our scalp and cause hair fall. In this article, we dive deep into how.
Pollution Causing Hair Fall

How does pollution affect your scalp and hair?

The rising pollution has driven scientists across the globe to study its effects on our well-being.

 Most of us understand how a healthy scalp is vital to healthy hair growth. Poor scalp health can negatively impact hair follicle viability. Our scalp and hair are made up of different proteins. Some of these proteins are responsible for triggering hair growth and regrowth. Researchers, studying the effects of dust and fuel particles on scalp health, found that exposure to pollutants reduced the levels of these proteins responsible for hair growth and retention. 

The drop in protein level was proportionate to the rise in pollutant exposure. Simply put, the more pollution you’re exposed to, the more these protein levels drop.

What can you do to control hair fall caused by pollution?

Pollutants disrupt your scalp health by putting it through oxidative stress. These free radicals can be neutralized in the presence of antioxidants. By having an antioxidant-rich diet and care, you help your body fight free radical damage.

Berries, turmeric, hibiscus, green tea are some antioxidant-rich foods and beverages that you can add to your diet and care.

Is there a fix as simple as a switch?

We want you to let out a sigh of relief because yes, there is a fix as simple as a switch – a combination of antioxidant-rich açaì berries, onion and plant keratin. Açaì berries are a powerful source of antioxidants that help neutralize free radical damage caused by pollution. Onions, rich in sulfur, strengthen the sulfur bonds that make up our hair. Plant keratin fills the gap in protein in our hair caused by exposure to pollution.

You can find this combination in our Açaì of Relief range.

The ideal routine: 

  1. Apply the antioxidant-rich hair mask bar
  2. Cleanse with gentle shampoo bar
  3. Remoisturise your hair with the conditioner bar
  4. Keep your scalp protected with the scalp serum

How do I know the switch is working for me?

You’ll begin observing a difference within 21 days in the form of well-moisturized hair and reduced hair fall.

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