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Excessively Dry Scalp? Try The Magic Of Mushrooms

Dehydrated or excessively dry scalp can be quite annoying, no? From flakes to the annoying itch, a dry scalp can be quite troublesome. We dove deep to understand what can help a dry scalp, even through extreme weather conditions, and magically, mushrooms appeared in front of us.
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Extreme weather conditions, as a result of climate change, is wreaking havoc on our scalp, an extension of our skin; our body’s largest organ. During winters, the decreasing moisture in the air makes it difficult for our scalp to stay moisturised. During dry summers, the increasing heat causes more moisture to escape our scalp barrier and we’re yet again left with a dry scalp. Don’t worry, mushrooms help in both cases and in this blog we explore how.

There isn't mush room for dryness with mushrooms

Mushrooms are a hidden gem in the skincare industry. This sustainable fungi carries with it an immense potential to repair damage caused by environmental stressors.

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More specifically, King Trumpet mushrooms that we’ve sourced locally from Shroomery, a farm in Delhi, are known for being rich in antioxidants, vitamin b6 and niacin. These compounds together help mushrooms repair a scalp with a weak barrier that finds it difficult to hold in moisture. We end up with a weak scalp barrier in the first place due to free radicals and a compound called hyaluronidase that destroys the amazing vitality-boosting chemicals collagen and hyaluronic acid that are naturally present on our scalp. With loss of collagen and hyaluronic acid, our scalp becomes weaker and a weaker scalp is unable to keep itself moisturised and thus becomes even weaker. It’s a vicious cycle.

Thankfully, mushrooms have anti-hyaluronidase properties that stop hyaluronidase from attacking collagen and hyaluronic acid present on our scalp. Isn’t that simply magical?

Mushrooms for Dry Scalp: A fix so simple, we call it magic!

We’ve tamed the wild to treat this excessively dry scalp. We’ve harnessed the magic of mushrooms into our Magic Shrooms range in collaboration with a mushroom farm based out of Delhi, Shroomery. If you’re coping with excessive dryness and as a consequence, itchiness and flakiness; this range is the fix for you.

Rehydrating Magic Shrooms Haircare Bundle for Dry Scalp

From Magic Shrooms Shampoo Bar to a scalp serum, find the magic of mushrooms here. It’s where self-care meets planet-care.

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