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5 ways to remedy dry and flaky scalp at home

Have an immensely dry and flaky scalp? We understand what a bummer it can be. A dry scalp can lead to an itchy, flaky scalp with persistent head-scratching. Don't worry, you can remedy a dry and flaky scalp at home. Let us show you how:
Remedy Dry And Flaky Scalp

First, what causes your scalp to get so dry and flaky?

Washing your scalp too frequently to strip away the little bit of sebum it is able to produce. Not eating nutrient-rich food to keep yourself and your scalp healthy. Not taking additional care during the cold, dry winters. Using products that are harsh and stripping your scalp.

How do you know that you are suffering from a dry and flaky scalp?

Some symptoms of dry scalp are :

  • Skin flaking
  • Tight-feeling scalp
  • Itching
  • Redness

No matter the cause, we’ve put together some solutions you can try at home.

1. Coconut oil has long been used for its skin health benefits, and dry scalp is no exception. It can moisturise the scalp, and its anti-fungal and antibacterial properties can help reduce the risk of infections.

2. Tea tree oil is found in many pre-made shampoos for dandruff and dry scalp, due to its potent antiseptic and anti-fungal properties. To make an easy mask of your own, mix a few drops of tea tree oil with coconut, jojoba, or olive oil, massage it into your scalp, and leave it for at least 10 minutes before rinsing.

3. Castor Oil- Here’s another antibacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredient packed with vitamin E and fatty acids, all of which might work to relieve a dry, itchy scalp. Mix one part castor oil with two parts aloe vera gel and a few drops of tea tree oil, apply to your dry head and rinse after 30 minutes. Do this up to four times a week.

4. Jojoba oil is incredibly moisturising for the scalp and nourishing for the skin and hair, and it’s often used to treat conditions like acne and psoriasis. Even better, it doesn’t need to be diluted before being used. Just massage the oil into your scalp and leave it in for 10-20 minutes before shampooing.

5. Mashed Bananas- Bananas are nourishing and moisturising, making them a great treatment for dry scalp and even dandruff. In addition to being moisturising, they’re a natural antimicrobial, and the two benefits combined can help clear up your dry scalp. A simple way to do so is, mash or blend a banana with a few tablespoons of coconut or olive oil. Blending it will make it easier to rinse out of your hair. Massage it into your scalp and let it sit for 10-15 minutes.

A dry scalp can be uncomfortable, but fortunately, there are ways to remedy dry and flaky scalp. Many cases of dry and flaky scalp respond well to a change in your hair care products or routine, and home remedies can certainly help speed up the process. Have a rad hair day, every day.

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