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5 Ways Liquid Shampoos Are Ruining Your Hair

It's true! Liquid Shampoos Are Ruining Your Hair. Most Liquid Shampoos Cause Build-up, Hormonal Disruption, and Damage Our Environment. Get a Solid Fix.
Liquid Shampoo

Here are 5 secret ways liquid shampoos are ruining our hair:

#1 Silicones and Build-up

Liquid shampoos almost always contain silicones (such as dimethicone). Silicones are what give us shiny hair within a single wash. The reason for that is that they’re coating each hair strand with plastic to give the appearance of smooth, shiny hair. Over time, these plastic coats build up on your scalp. It prevents moisture from entering your scalp or hair leaving it dry, brittle and yes, dull.

#2 Harsh cleansing agents that break the scalp barrier

Regular liquid shampoos contain sulfates (such as SLS or SLES) that are known irritants. The irritation may not always be felt in the typical itching or burning sensation. You may see that your scalp becomes overly dry leaving it vulnerable. Over time, a vulnerable scalp with a compromised scalp barrier gives rise to a host of problems such as hair fall, dandruff, inflammation and such.

#3 Stronger preservatives

Liquid shampoos are a concoction of harsh chemicals and water. The presence of water makes microbes so happy that they reproduce like bunnies. That’s why liquid shampoos require stronger preservatives. Typically, the preservatives used, such as parabens (butyl, propyl and ethyl parabens), are known to mimic the function of hormone estrogen (female hormone responsible for reproductive functions) and can increase the risk of breast cancer.

#4 Filled with plastic

Most liquid shampoos contain polyethylene glycol (PEG) to thicken the shampoo. It’s not just the packaging that’s plastic but the ingredients in itself are plastic. Not only does this PEG clog your scalp but it renders the shampoo non-biodegradable, polluting our water sources every time you shampoo.

#5 More harsh chemicals

We learned about parabens. Another problematic ingredient commonly found in liquid shampoos is phthalates; used to increase the spreadability of a product. They help in making the fragrance (or perfume) in the shampoo stick to your scalp and hair. But what’s the hidden cost of smelling good? Exposure to endocrine disruptors that can cause early puberty in girls, reduce sperm count in men, and negatively impact our environment.

In the age of environmental stressors like pollution, shampoos are meant to clean your scalp and keep it healthy. But, typical liquid shampoos instead cause build up, disrupt our hormones, and damage our environment. So, what helps clean our scalp without causing all this damage?

Shampoo bars; the hero we need and deserve

We create plant-based shampoo bars that are:
  1. Silicone-free
  2. PEG-free
  3. Sulfate-free
  4. Paraben-free
  5. Phthalate-free
They contain little to no water and require a much milder preservative system. The preservative we use is ECOCERT approved and doesn’t cause any hormonal imbalance.
What makes The Switch Fix shampoo bars special:
  • Plant-based, vegan, locally sourced clean ingredients
  • Effective against new-age stressors like pollution, heat, humidity and stress
  • Specialised formulations to treat hair fall, dandruff, inflammation and more 
Over 15,000 people have tried our shampoo bars and rate it 4.8/5 on average. Check out our range and kickstart your clean and conscious journey. Just whatsapp / DM / email us if looking for product recommendations.
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