Our Iconic Moment in Vogue

Here's why we received the ‘Sustainability Icon’ at the Vogue Beauty Festival this year.
Vogue Beauty Festival 2021 Winner - The Switch Fix for Sustainability Icon

We woke up this morning to find ourselves receiving the ‘Sustainability Icon’ in Mindful Beauty at the Vogue Beauty Festival this year.

We had our priorities right and so first, we decided to celebrate by dancing a little bit like Gru.

And then, we went on to thank our tribe that has grown so much despite there being a pandemic and everyone having a bit too much on their plate.

And lastly, we decided to reflect on what this means to us. To us, this validates your desire for something truly sustainable. It validates the notion that if given the choice, you will choose sustainability over all else. It showed us that sustainability is on top of not just our mind, but yours too. 

We cherish this recognition and we cherish everyone out there fiercely taking climate action while running fingers through their gorgeous hair!

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