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GoodMylk x The Switch Fix: Spilling Mylk into your care

A collaboration to make plant mylk more accessible to help you fight against climate change in nourishing armour.
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It’s no secret that us humans have been milking our planet’s resources. But once we stopped skimming over what’s causing this rapid rise in greenhouse gases, we realized dairying is a big part of the story. From rampant deforestation to animal cruelty to polluting our limited water sources – it gave us a whole lot of anxiety. We couldn’t help but say; dear dairy, we don’t need you. But if not dairy, then what?

Our search for milk that’s good

We searched the entire galaxy to find milk that’s good. Somewhere along the way, we made a new friend. Goodmylk, a plant-based food brand, is actively replacing dairy by making plant mylk more accessible. Not only is their oat and cashew mylk kind to our planet, but it’s also kind to our gut, unlike dairy. 

Oat and Cashew to the rescue

In a water-stressed country, it makes little sense to use a thousand liters of water to produce just 1 liter of milk. Oat uses one-twelfth the water required to produce 1 liter of mylk. Cashew’s water footprint is similar to Oats. 

Dairying, responsible for deforestation at scale, typically uses almost 9 square meters to produce 1 liter of milk while Oat uses just 0.8 square meters to produce the same amount of mylk. And of course, dairying is infamous for its methane burping fellow species. Last we checked, oats and cashews don’t burp methane into our atmosphere. 

We were thrilled to learn more about Goodmylk’s Oat and Cashew Mylk’s planet-friendly properties. What caught our attention further was it’s protein-rich composition. 

keen on protein

As we’re exposed to more pollutants, our scalp and hair gets damaged. Add to it rising temperature and humidity and we’re left with a mane that’s so frizzy, it’s insane. We reached out to Goodmylk to get our hands on this protein-rich mylk to experiment.  

Oats are known for their skin soothing properties – something our heat exposed scalp could use. They’re also rich in antioxidants, such as Ferulic acid and vitamin E, which improves our scalp health and thus its barrier. Cashews, on the other hand, are protein-rich to help strengthen our hair. 

To add such a nutrient-rich mylk to tame our mane was the way to go.

The Mylky Way - created with GoodMylk

Humidity gets in the way of a rad hair day by making our hair so porous and frizzy. With climate change, not only is it getting warmer but also more humid. To help you avoid a hu-mid life crisis, we created The Mylky Way Shampoo Bar powered by Goodmylk. 

It’s the first of many creations that will be powered by Goodmylk. All to help our collective tribe fight against climate change in nourishing armour.

Find your way to the mylky way here. 

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