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Give Our Planet the Love It Deserves – 20% Off Planet-Friendly Products

Get 20% off on all planet-friendly products and make a difference in preserving our planet with sustainable Valentines gifts. Read on to find out more!
Valentines Day Gift Offer - 20% Off

Now more than ever, our planet needs a little love and care. With pollution on the rise and global temperatures climbing, we are seeing tangible effects of climate change all around the world – from the California wildfires that destroyed acres of forests to the air pollution crisis in New Delhi. It’s time to start looking for ways to make a difference. 

That’s why this Valentine’s Day we are encouraging everyone to give our planet the love it deserves. Small, everyday acts of kindness can make a huge difference. It doesn’t take a massive lifestyle overhaul; simple changes like switching to sustainable and eco-friendly personal care products can have a major impact. 

Not only are these products better for the planet, but they’re also better for you – with plant-based/natural ingredients that help protect your skin and hair. So this Valentine’s Day, don’t just share your love with your loved ones but also our planet. 

Gift planet-friendly personal care and show the Earth some compassion. For the month of February, we are offering a 20% flat off on all our products – the perfect Valentine’s Day gift idea for earth-lovers! What better way to say “I Love You” than by protecting the environment! Shop now and spread the love!

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Dandruff Control Shampoo Bar Blue-Tea-Ful for Scalp Flakiness

Blue-Tea-Ful Shampoo Bar

Anti Dandruff Shampoo Bar


Hair Fall Control Shampoo Bar -Acai of Relief Shampoo Bar for Stronger Hair Hero Image

Acai of Relief Shampoo Bar

Hair Fall Control Shampoo Bar


Mylky Way Shampoo Bar

Mylky Way Shampoo Bar

Frizz Controlling Shampoo Bar


Gentle Cleansing Love is Love Shampoo Bar

Love is Love Shampoo Bar

Gentle Cleansing Shampoo Bar


Scalp Clarifying Slay with Clay Shampoo Bar by The Switch Fix

Slay with Clay Shampoo Bar

Clarifying Shampoo Bar


Restorative La Vie En Rosehip Overnight Face Butter - 40g

La Vie En Rosehip Face Butter

restorative overnight face butter for dry skin


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