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Does Your Personal Care Not Care About You?

How safe is your personal care? In this article, we dive deeper into why traditional personal care products are a lot like your gaslighting ex; they claim they care about you but continue to manipulate and bamboozle you. Let’s begin:
Personal Care Doesn't Care

Your physical health

It’s no secret that toxic and harsh chemicals found in makeup, skin and hair care products may lead to a myriad of problems, from allergic reactions, hair loss, asthma and even cancer.
Women, on average, are exposed to 168 chemicals through personal care. For men, the number is 85 as women use more products than men. Chemicals like parabens, phthalates, BHAs, dioxanes, formaldehyde, plastic microbeads, and many such chemicals of concern are found in commonly used personal care products. These chemicals are known to cause hormonal imbalance, endocrine system dysfunction, immunotoxicity, reproductive health disorders and / or cancer.

Your mental well-being

The toxic chemicals found in personal care may disrupt your bodily functions causing stress, anxiety, lack of coordination and confusion. Beyond this disruption, advertisements used to sell personal care products are flawed in their showcase of ‘flawlessness’. Not just teens, but adults too fall prey to the unreal and photoshopped beauty standards created by big personal care companies.

Your environment

Petroleum-based, non-biodegradable and toxic chemicals commonly found in personal care either leach into our water and ground to cause water (or groundwater) pollution or stay suspended in our air to cause air pollution. As most of these chemicals are unregulated and not known, it’s nearly impossible to filter them through our water filtration systems without knowing what needs to be filtered. These chemicals are typically non-biodegradable and accumulate in our environment. They come back to us through the water we drink, food we eat, the air we breathe. A degraded environment is detrimental to our physical and mental well-being.

Their toxic cultural influence

Personal care, for the most part, isn’t inclusive or diverse. There typically isn’t fair representation of different ethnicities. Even if there is, there isn’t enough research being conducted for minorities to formulate appropriate personal care. 

Is there a fix?

Yes, The Switch Fix creates clean, conscious and effective personal care for the millions of people living in India and grappling with the toxic effects of personal care and the detrimental effects of climate change.

Carefully chosen ingredients

Our team of microbiologists and formulation chemists carefully choose mild, plant-based ingredients from suppliers found locally across our country.

3 levels of testing to ensure safety

  • Our carefully chosen pool of responsible suppliers test the material before shipping it out to us
  • To validate its safety, we test the material in-house
  • We take in-house trials of the formulations first, with the founders and then, with the team
  • Once satisfied, we conduct third-party testing to verify results
Before launching our thoroughly tested clean and conscious product, we give early access to some of our Switchers for them to experience the product and give us feedback on its effectiveness. 

Plant-based, zero waste and plastic-free

We love self-care that meets planet-care because we understand how a degraded environment can get in the way of our self-care. We understand that a healthier environment is vital to our self-care. And that’s why, everything we create is plant-based, biodegradable, zero waste, water-saving and shipped to you completely free of plastic.

Practicing extended producer responsibility (EPR)

We love lifting weights – the weight of being responsible as a producer. We don’t just stop at sustainable packaging but we look at the entire lifecycle of the products we create; from sourcing all the way to disposal. Are we sourcing responsibly? Are we sourcing locally? Are we using safe ingredients? Are the ingredients plant-based and biodegradable? Are we producing products in a sustainable, energy-efficient manner? Are we packing and shipping products sustainably? Once a Switcher is done using the product, is the product going to degrade completely when disposed of? The answer has to be a resounding yes before we create the product.

Formulated to fight against new-age stressors

We are aware of how pollution can cause dandruff, hairfall, and acne. How the rising heat is leaving our hair not just frizzy but entirely dull, dry and brittle. The fix is formulated with a combination of plant-based and effective ingredients that are thoroughly tested in-house. This ensures we keep our promise to you: effective against the damage caused by these new-age stressors.

Formulated for the diverse population living in India

Yes, and finally, we understand how different our skin and hair is from the rest of the world. We understand that we’re not living in a cold, dry part of the world but a subtropical environment. Our diverse tribe of Switchers has helped us keep our formulations inclusive.

Sometimes, the fix is as simple as a switch 🙂

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