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3 Ways to Kickstart Plastic-free July Journey

Rejoice! Plastic Free July is here. Over 100 million people across the world participate in the Plastic Free July Movement. Here are 3 simple ways to go plastic free and join the movement.
Kickstart Plastic-free July

What is the Plastic Free July movement?

As the name suggests, Plastic-Free July movement is about encouraging a lifestyle that’s without plastic. Over a 100 million people across the world participate and encourage others to switch to plastic-free alternatives. What motivates millions to participate year after year is the desire to have cleaner streets, oceans and thriving communities.

Does plastic impact your health?

Plastic is made of petrochemicals that are known to disrupt our hormone levels, endocrine system and some are carcinogenic (cancer causing). Plastic, when invented, was meant for industrial use. Its rapid use in our day to day lives has increased the number of harmful chemicals we’re exposed to. By kickstarting Plastic-Free July movement, you’re not just being kind to our planet but to yourself too. Go plastic free and reduce exposure to toxic plastic.

How much impact can you create by going plastic free?

Look around you and notice all the plastic jars, containers, bottles. No no, don’t feel guilty. Instead look at all that plastic as an opportunity to create impact. For example, an average person goes through 700-1000 plastic shampoo bottles in their lifetime that last around forever. By auditing your own plastic consumption, you can find such opportunities to make the switch to a plastic-free lifestyle. Here are a few ways our tribe of Switchers suggest.

How to Kickstart Plastic-Free July:


  • Going shopping? Bring your own bag. Going out? Bring your own bottle (or cup). With this simple switch, you can reduce the billions of plastic bags, cups, and straws that are dumped in our oceans and landfills.

Raise The Bar

  • Turn your bathroom into a plastic-free haven by switching to bars.
  • Liquid shampoo? Nah, get yourself a shampoo bar, boo. They’re plastic-free, easy to use, and more cost-effective.
  • Conditioner? Guuurrrl, it’s about damn time to introduce you to conditioner bars. Instead of throwing away 250ml conditioner bottles every month, watch a 50g bar last you 3-4 months. 
  • Go through our sustainable online store to find your own plastic-free fix. Psst, we also have an additional 20% OFF on all orders above Rs. 1,000 all of July. Use code PLASTICFREEJULY.

Embrace plant-based lifestyle

  • Whether it’s clothing or the ingredients in your personal care or home care products. Choose plant-based and petroleum-free products.
  • The fast fashion industry has most of us under its spell. I mean, think of it this way; imagine if you were asked to buy houses made of cheap material every few weeks that was inevitably going to degrade in a matter of months forcing you to buy another house. Doesn’t it sound tedious, a waste of money and resources? Wouldn’t you want something more durable and made to last?
  • Go for plastic-free clothing made of natural, biodegradable fibers that’s made to last.
  • Here are some brands we love:
    • No Nasties
    • Nicobar
    • Doodlage

Why July?

Summer time is when we typically spend time outdoors, relaxing at the beach, or taking a stroll in the park. That’s when the plastic nuisance is most visible to us and our concern for the environment is at its peak.

July is a great time to start your plastic-free journey but we encourage you to stick to it all year round.

Let's Kickstart Plastic-Free July!

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