healthy for you,
sustainable for
our planet.

premium personal care
that's safe & sustainable.

do the switcheroo.

make the switch to our life-friendly range of products to end your relationship with toxicity.

body Bars

detox your skin with the adsorption power of Activated Bamboo Charcoal that leaves your skin feeling clean, healthy and soft. this natural body soap bar is best suited for cleansing. 

INR 490 – Pack of 2

natural hair oil blends

Hydrate your thirsty hair with deep conditioning of Coconut, Sweet Almond and Olive oil along with the soothing aroma of Ylang Ylang in this natural hair oil.

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INR 650100ml

natural hair oil blends

Release those knots and tangles with Argan and Coconut Oil along with the subtle hint of Vanilla in this natural hair oil.

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INR 650 – 100ML

bamboo toothbrushes

crafted out of biodegradable and sustainably-grown MOS bamboo and charcoal-infused, BPA-free soft nylon bristles, it’s designed to give you a perfect rinse.

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INR 345 – Pack of 2

exclusive packs

an assortment of healthy ingredients, mixed together for an invigorating experience. get the perfect starting point to a plastic-free life with our range of body bars and shampoo bars.

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INR 1050 – Pack of 4

Natural Shampoo Bars

pamper your hair with the nourishing effects of Grapefruit, that heals them and leaves them feeling relaxed. this shampoo bar is best suited for combination/normal hair.

INR 550 – Pack of 2

personal care, the way it should be:

healthy & sustainable.

our not-so-secret admirers

switch makes it easy

my journey of going plastic-free has been extremely shaky, but switch products are really a great option. they’re 100% plastic-free and healthier too.

Its best we surrender to earth's intelligence and get rooted back to natural products. Switch is ensuring this and transitioning us to a plastic free sustainable living. Switch to a better future!

switch is fighting plastic head on

their entire production is plastic-free, and they also help children who are directly affected by plastic pollution. also, the bars smell fantastic. 

Quality + Environment friendly, The Switch fix checks all the right boxes. Love them for making Good Ol' Charcoal. It is my go-to soap bar!

make a difference for your own good

It’s so great to see people coming up with eco-friendly things. I didn’t know about shampoo bars until I found out about these guys and trust me, they’re soooo good. Will 10/10 recommend it to everyone. Not just because they’re good but also because you’re making a difference for your own good.

A wholesome product. body bars created by the switch fix are soft on your skin and mother earth. an experience that is plastic-free from the moment you connect with the brand.

with great product

comes great packaging.

not just our creations but our packaging is incredibly useful. our ‘design-meet-function’ approach makes our packaging stand out and sturdy enough to be used again to store your valuables.

made using 100% recycled and/or FSC approved paper, our packaging is also shipped plastic-free, making it truly sustainable.

The Big Save Festive Box Main Image 1

switch collabs

switching alone is no fun, and that’s why we have friends of switch 🙂

The Big Save Festival


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Let this festive season be about not just big savings but saving our big blue-green planet, the vast seas and oceans, the magnificent creatures below, the giants living on land. Let this festive season be about #TheBigSave.

For this video, we collaborated with who we call ‘Friends of Switch’. Thank you Sameer and Diwakar for this insane work.

Use code BIGSAVE and 15% OFF on all orders.

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I am Natural


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In times of hate, we remember love. And with pride, we say, I am Natural!

For this video, we collaborated with some wonderful people from the LGBTQ+ community. Suryatapa, Yasha, Shabnam, Avantika, Dipalie, Naina and Lameeya, you guys absolutely slayed!

Thank you, Saheb Productions for this video and for truly believing in the idea, pushing boundaries to get some insane work out. Cheers to all of you!


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Happy Earth Day

SwitchxSameer, Rhea & Diwakar

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Meliorism, our core philosophy, says the world can be made better with the help of mankind. And so, we collaborated with a few humans to show how.

Sameer (@sammysels), a brilliant music composer who gave us this sick beat (better put headphones on for dat bass). Rhea (@rheashukla), our co-founder with her crazy illustrations. And Diwakar (@shutterbaba), who brought everything alive with his editing.

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a switch for you.
a switch for me.

its fun when we switch together. with Project Switch Foundation, our plastic-free products are not only healthy for you but for people living near landfills. 

part of our profits go towards providing better health opportunities to the urban fenceline communities.

switch conversations

switch blogs on the most pressing topics for our generation.

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