join us in creating a healthy and sustainable world with high-quality, non-toxic, plastic-free natural products.

do the switcheroo!

make the switch to our life-friendly range of products, to end your toxic relationship with plastic.

bamboo toothbrushes

crafted out of biodegradable and sustainably-grown MOS bamboo and charcoal-infused, BPA-free soft nylon 6 bristles, it’s designed to give you a perfect rinse.

INR 345 – Pack of 2

now delivering

exclusive packs

an assortment of healthy ingredients, mixed together for an invigorating experience. get the perfect starting point to a plastic-free life with our range of body bars and shampoo bars.

INR 825 – Pack of 4

back in stock now 🙂

Shampoo Bars

pamper your hair with the nourishing effects of Grapefruit, that heals them and leaves them feeling relaxed.

INR 425 – Pack of 2

back in stock now 🙂

body Bars

For a spa-like experience. With the power of Indian Rose Essential Oil, give yourself a well-deserved break.

INR 425 – Pack of 2

back in stock now 🙂

body Bars

detox your skin with the adsorption power of Activated Bamboo Charcoal that leaves your skin feeling clean, healthy and soft.

INR 425 – Pack of 2

back in stock now 🙂

Shampoo Bars

immerse your hair with the goodness of Rhassoul & Bentonite Clay and Organic Seaweed, to get the perfect detox for your hair.

INR 425 – Pack of 2

back in stock now 🙂


with high-quality, responsibly-sourced ingredients, plastic-free products, 100% recycled paper packaging & zero plastic shipping, we’re committed to making your switch truly healthy and sustainable.

our not-so-secret admirers

switch makes it easy

my journey of going plastic-free has been extremely shaky, but switch products are really a great option. they’re 100% plastic-free and healthier too.

Its best we surrender to earth's intelligence and get rooted back to natural products. Switch is ensuring this and transitioning us to a plastic free sustainable living. Switch to a better future!

switch is fighting plastic head on

their entire production is plastic-free, and they also help children who are directly affected by plastic pollution. also, the bars smell fantastic. 

Quality + Environment friendly, The Switch fix checks all the right boxes. Love them for making Good Ol' Charcoal. It is my go-to soap bar!

make a difference for your own good

It’s so great to see people coming up with eco-friendly things. I didn’t know about shampoo bars until I found out about these guys and trust me, they’re soooo good. Will 10/10 recommend it to everyone. Not just because they’re good but also because you’re making a difference for your own good.

A wholesome product. body bars created by the switch fix are soft on your skin and mother earth. an experience that is plastic-free from the moment you connect with the brand.


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a switch for you and me.

its fun when we switch together. with Project Switch Foundation, our plastic-free products are not only healthy for you but for people living near landfills. 

25% of our profits go towards providing better health opportunities to the urban fenceline communities.

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