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fixes that make sense

from our planet to toxic personal care; it’s just a hot mess. with simple, and effective creations, we’re going to clean up this mess. meet our clean and conscious fixes that make sense.

Let’s do the switcheroo.

hair strengthening and conditioning

acai berry and onion seed extract

Hair type:

dry, prone to breakage

INR 459

la vie en
rosehip face butter

restorative overnight face butter

rosehip and sea buckthorn

Skin type:

dry and dull

INR 559

viva la sativa
body butter

nourishing body butter

Hemp Seed Oil and Sal Butter

Skin type:

dry and dull

INR 519

açaí of relief
deep conditioner

hair strengthening and conditioning

acai berry and onion seed extract

Hair type:

dry, prone to breakage

INR 569

hand cream

hydrating hand cream

blue tea and chamomile

Skin type:


INR 429

viva la sativa
hair oil

hair nourishment and restoration

hemp seed and moringa oil

Hair type:

dry and damaged

INR 589

trusted by

we've come
full circle

as Blue Tokai’s coffee excess found its purpose again

with circular economy at its core, we’ve created personal care that repurposes coffee grinds into water-saving and plant-based body scrubs.

our tribe
spills the beans

our tribe creates a wholesome loop by sharing the switch fix reviews of our clean and conscious range

layers of care

for you and our planet

that’s what clean and conscious self-care provides you with. indulge in winter-care that feels like a warm blanket and put a barrier between you and pollution.

New Eco-friendly Shipping Boxes

we know how to box

when it comes to the fight against plastic waste

our packaging is sturdy enough to ship, durable enough to be reused and repurposed, sustainable enough to be recycled and/or composted. 100% biodegradable, 0% waste.

from our studio

we’re suckers for a good honest story. Check out some collabs and other pieces we’ve done to tell a story worth telling – creating a healthier world.

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it makes sense to be clean and conscious

in a world that often doesn’t make sense, a switch makes sense. introducing all-new range of hair care. It makes sense.

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I am natural

to celebrate Pride Month in all it’s glory, we collaborated with our friends from the LGBTQ community to spread some love.

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Earth day

When 7 billion of us become healthier and more sustainable, the fix will be a simple switch.